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Realms: More Friendly Chatting

Finished or Sketch?: Finished
Wilfred | Eevee/Drowzee: 1 Fullbody, 1 Colored, 1 Simple BG, NPC

Player Name:
Stray: Minccino/Bulbasaur
Action: Speak
Pokeball: Friendship Ball
Previous Attempts: 2
Realms: Lalala 
Realms: Friendly Chat
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Finished Art - Fullbody, Color, Simple BG x1

Wilfred gained 3 Attack, 10 Sp. Attack, 10 Speed.
Wilfred has earned 23 stat points! Wilfred gained 4 levels!

Trainer earned 34 Trinities.

MarbleSplotch tried to Speak the Minccino/Bulbasaur
The Minccino/Bulbasaur responds with a few pleased sounds.
MarbleSplotch did not capture the stray.