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Realms: Ivan Rhodes

Art made by the awesome FishBatDragonThing 

Name: Ivan Rhodes

Species: Commonborne

Type: PC

Kingdom: Viburn Woods

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Date of birth: 8th of Meous 35 RN

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 142

Occupation: Head Doctor


Ivan is a terrible socializer, generally tending to avoid having to talk to people outside of his job. He is serious about making sure people are healthy and keeps up with journals relating to cures and treatments. He’s very blunt and will not sugar coat his diagnosis, he also is not afraid to tell you if what you did was stupid. Some people appreciate it, others have the urge to punch him. Luckily, he is pretty quick at dodging. He is pretty stoic and doesn’t show his emotions much. He also tends to be fussy how things are organized and is a bit of a neat freak. He is a good teacher though, able to easily explain things and helping apprentices when needed.


Born into a large farming family, he was the fourth child out of seven. He was used to not getting much attention and generally stayed out of the way. His family wasn’t mean, just extremely busy with a lot of people. He did have his fair share of teasing and protectiveness from his siblings though.

When Ivan had a free day or finished his chores early, he enjoyed wandering around. On one of his walks, he ran into a salesman with lots of different plants. He learned that many of those plants were sold to people that made herbal medicines. He became curious and set off to learn more about herbs, which lead to him gaining a fascination about medicines. His parents noting his fascination helped him by sending him to the city for schooling. It was a different experience but Ivan did well with his learning and he became apprenticed to one of the doctors.

Unfortunately for Ivan, the doctor who trained him was Dr. Rhode Farrows, someone who was quite flaky. He knew a lot about medicines and treatments but his idea of experience was going to suspicious places to treat injuries that would not be normally reported. It turns out he was apprenticed to him as a counter to Farrows personality. Ivan was stiff and antisocial while Farrows liked to enjoy himself a bit too much. The two were supposed to balance each other out, and it did tend to work. Farrows became more cautious with an apprentice around and Ivan got better at treating and communicating with patients.

By the time he finished his apprenticeship, Ivan learned many new skills and treatments. He was working in Lenx for a time, but when Aster was visiting the city she tricked him to coming to Viburn by telling him that her brother was sick. It wasn’t really a lie, but he was sick only because of a minor cold he caught by Aster pushing him into the lake. From there Aster told him to stay since she needed some type of doctor around, especially if there was a lot of construction to build her kingdom and with training of new knights. He gave in, thinking it could be a good start to build up his own practice.



Mother: Janice Rhodes

Father: Emerett Rhodes


Older Brother: Evan Rhodes

Older Brother: Langly Rhodes

Older Sister: Marsha Laphes

Younger Sister: Opal Drumm

Younger Sister: Penelope Rhodes

Younger Brother: Hunter Rhodes


Aster- Tricked him into coming back the Viburn, however he doesn’t seem to mind her. Except she should really get more sleep and not skip meals while working. She confuses him a lot.

Warren- The kid talks a bit too much but is interested in learning many things. He seems to have a strange fascination in the plants he uses.

Lucas- Is fine with him, very knowledgeable and provided him with medical books.

Ran- Pretty dopey, he should try harder to not getting hurt while traveling.

George- She’s respectable, keeps people in line. Makes sure not to overwork her knights.

Phobia- He won’t stop messing up his office. Could’ve been a better apprentice.

Extra Facts:

- Ivan learned how to dodge punches during his apprenticeship

- Spends a lot of his time organizing his work space, hates it when someone messes it up

- Sometimes receives letters from family and Farrows

- Doesn’t eat much meat

Pokemon Preferences:

- Anyone that can help with his work

Finished or Sketch?: Finished
Cypress | Shiny/Deviant Pachirisu/Pancham: 1 Fullbody, 1 Color, 1 Shading, PC
Ivan | PC: 1 Fullbody, 1 Color, 1 Shading, PC

Word Count: 699 Words (Counting all writing from personality and down)
Correct Spelling & Grammar?: Yes
Ivan | PC: Major 
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Finished Art, Fullbody x1, Color x1, Shading x1, PC

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Finished Art, Fullbody x1, Color x1, Shading x1, Word Count: 699, PC

Pokemon of Choice (Ivan) gained 10 HP, 14 Attack, 6 Defense, 20 Sp. Attack, 7 Sp. Defense, 11 Speed.
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Trainer earned 163 Trinities.

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Nobody expects Mr. Bean!  AAAAAAAA, IVAN LIVES!