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Realms: Hanging Wishes

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A collab between demonicrose and I, she did the coloring for me <3
I am completing the Toulouse's Investigation Objective for Week Four for Valekivi and I!

Prayer: Valekivi 
Tag Being Used: Quartz Charm
Legendary: Xerneas

Prayer: MarbleSplotch 
Tag Being Used: Quartz Charm
Legendary: Celebi

Finished or Sketch?: Finished
Payment or Gift?: Gift
ItemsLucky Coin and Macho Brace Effect for all provided by event

Lloyd | Rattata: Fullbody, Color, Shading Semi-Detailed Background 
Mouse | Deviant Dendenne: Fullbody, Color, Shading Semi-Detailed Background  
Ilo | Deviant Pumpkaboo: Fullbody, Color, Semi-Detailed Background Valekivi 
Aplysia | Shellos: Fullbody, Color, Semi-Detailed Background Valekivi 
Wat | Shiny unown: Fullbody, Color, Shading, Semi-Detailed Background Dunrosiel 
Snowy Paws | Shiny Eevee: Fullbody, Color, Shading, Semi-Detailed Background demonicrose 
Lani | Delibird: Fullbody, Color, Shading, Semi-Detailed Background FishBatDragonThing 
Chili | Deviant Litleo: Fullbody, Color, Shading, Semi-Detailed Background MephiNo 
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You both have completed the Toulouse's Investigation Objective for Week Four!

You both earn 15 Festive Tags, 300 Trins, 3 Random Prayer Tags, & a Legend's Relic!

MarbleSplotch , Your Prayer Tags are Strategic Prayer Tag, Celebration Prayer Tag, & Willful Prayer Tag!

Valekivi , Your Prayer Tags are 
Deathly Prayer Tag, Truthful Prayer Tag, & Tricky Prayer Tag!

Finished Art - Fullbody, Color, Shading, Semi-Detailed BG x1

Lloyd's Macho Brace boosted their stats!
Lloyd gained 12 HP, 16 Sp. Attack, 22 Sp. Defense, 10 Speed.
Lloyd has earned 60 stat points! Lloyd gained 12 levels!

Mouse's Macho Brace boosted their stats!
Mouse gained 4 HP, 14 Defense, 20 Sp. Attack, 8 Sp. Defense, 4 Speed.
Mouse has earned 50 stat points! Mouse gained 10 levels!

Ilo's Macho Brace boosted their stats!
Ilo gained 8 HP, 14 Attack, 4 Defense, 14 Sp. Defense, 8 Speed.
Ilo has earned 48 stat points! Ilo gained 9 levels!

Aplysia's Macho Brace boosted their stats!
Aplysia gained 12 HP, 8 Attack, 6 Sp. Attack, 4 Sp. Defense, 14 Speed.
Aplysia has earned 44 stat points! Aplysia gained 8 levels!

Wat's Macho Brace boosted their stats!
Wat gained 12 HP, 14 Attack, 4 Sp. Defense, 22 Speed.
Wat has earned 52 stat points! Wat gained 10 levels!

Snowy Paws's Macho Brace boosted their stats!
Snowy Paws gained 10 Attack, 6 Defense, 8 Sp. Attack, 18 Sp. Defense, 10 Speed.
Snowy Paws has earned 52 stat points! Snowy Paws gained 10 levels!

Lani's Macho Brace boosted their stats!
Lani gained 4 Attack, 8 Defense, 24 Sp. Attack, 6 Sp. Defense, 8 Speed.
Lani has earned 50 stat points! Lani gained 10 levels!

Chili's Macho Brace boosted their stats!
Chili gained 10 HP, 10 Attack, 24 Sp. Attack, 18 Sp. Defense.
Chili has earned 62 stat points! Chili gained 12 levels!

Trainer earned 425 Trinities.

Gift Bonus!
Pokemon of Choice gained 2 HP, 2 Attack, 2 Defense, 5 Sp. Attack, 5 Sp. Defense, 5 Speed.
Pokemon of Choice has earned 21 stat points! Pokemon of Choice gained 4 levels!

Please reply with which pokemon is claiming these rolls.

Legendary Prayers
You gain +3 Reputation with Celebi.

You scavenged 1 Bronze, 1 Twine, 1 Orb

You gain +3 Reputation with Xerneas.

You scavenged 1 Bronze, 1 Twine, 1 Orb