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PR: Vivian

Name: Vivian
Species: Pachirisu/Zorua
Type: Dark/Electric
Special Traits: Chimera
Gender: Female
Hatch Date: 6-10-15
Ability: [1] Illusion

Personality: Bubbly and ready for adventure, she's the third member of the exploration trio with her companions Digby and Beacon. She's a bit more pushy then her companions, usually trying to get others to see things her way. She also enjoys a good prank or two using her illusion ability. She tends to tire easily because of her small legs but continues to push forward since she hates the idea of dragging people behind.   

Level: 44
HP: 52
Attack: 39
Defense: 45
Special Attack: 40
Special Defense: 28
Speed: 37

Move List:

Experience Log:
Transfer- lvl 4 20 stat
Ref- 4lvls 20 stat
Jojo Posing Go 4lvl 21 stat
Star Festival Objective 2 7lvl 35 stat
Star Festival Objective 3 7lvl 39 stat
Star Festival Objective 4 6lvl 32 stat
PokeCluster- 3lvl 17 stat (2 Attack, 6 Defense, 9 Sp. Defense)
Arctic Exploration 5- 4lvl 23 stat (7 HP, 12 Attack, 4 Defense)
Leap Frog- 5lvl 28 stat (2 HP, 3 Attack, 5 Defense, 11 Sp. Attack, 2 Sp. Defense, 5 Speed)

Mother: Kiss It Better
Father: Buckshot

Breeding: Would be interested if she likes the Pokemon

Digby- He's like a brother to her and she usually quarrels with him. She's trying to get him and Beacon together. 

Beacon- One of her best friends, he's quite so don't be surprised if she tries to speak for him. Usually ends up embarrassing him instead. Trying to get him together with Digby.

Trainer: Aster Tae

Role: Explorer

Claimed Roll: Full Body, Shading, Color
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So cute! I just love the design!