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During the Star Festival many people enjoy testing their luck at games to win a prize for themselves or others. However, not everyone can win a prize since not all games are designed fairly.

Digby was frustratingly trying to toss a small ring over a bottle. While he was given plenty to throw, not a single one was successful. [Give it up Digby, the prizes aren’t that cool here anyway,] Vivian sighed out of boredom. [But I’m so close. I’ll get it next time.] [That was your last one, let’s go find something else to play.] Digby groaned in frustration and hopped down from the stand.

[Fine then Vivian, you can choose the next one, but I'll get stuck playing it anyway since I got hands rather than paws.] Vivian let out a small growl and Beacon stepped in between them. [Don’t fight you two, Reed or I can play to next one.] [I’d rather not play, no fingers makes things tricky,] Reed told Beacon. [Then just find me a game and I’ll play it, we’ve had fun so far so just don’t fight.] Digby and Vivian huffed in agreement while Reed just shrugged. Beacon didn’t think he was good at games but he’d give it a shot if it’ll keep arguments from breaking out. It was normal for fights to break out between friends from time to time so Beacon took up the role of peacekeeper.

Vivian led the group around, peeking at the various booths they had. There were strength tests, water gun games, and more to choose from but Vivian took one look at each and walked away. [Looking for something special?] Reed asked. [I want to find one that you can actually win something nice looking,] She responded. [Like that one right there.] Vivian pointed one of her stubby paws towards a booth with a bunch of balloons pinned up to the wall. The prizes on the shelf were stuffed animals, each one a different Pokemon. [You should play that one Beacon and get that Bunnelby plush for Digby.] [Why would I want a plus of my own species?] [You’d get yourself a silent twin.] Vivian stuck her tongue out at him. [You said I could choose and I choose this one, along with the prize.] Digby knew what he agreed to but that didn’t mean he had to be happy about it. He jumped up onto the booth to get the attention of the guy who was running it.

After Reed translated and Digby paid, Beacon jumped up himself and was handed five darts to throw at the balloons. [You’ve got to pop three for the prize, just aim straight and throw hard] Digby told him. Beacon nodded at him and picked up on of the darts. It didn’t seem that sharp so he’d have to give it a good toss if he actually wanted to pop one. [Don’t worry to hard,] Reed told him and Beacon smiled. He aimed carefully at a yellow bellow hanging in the middle, he tossed the dart but it managed to miss the balloon by a little. He looked dejected at his miss but Digby gave him a quick pat to cheer him up. Picking up another dart, he aimed and tossed it hard. This time the balloon he missed popped! [Keep it up!] Digby grinned.

Beacon picked up the next dart and gave it another toss. The next balloon was not able to pop under the third dart and Beacon sighed. He did well the previous one. He figured he would just have to throw harder. He picked up the forth dart and concentrated on hitting the same balloon. He took a deep breath and threw it as hard as he could. The dart hit its target straight on and popped the balloon. One more left and he could win the prize. He glowed slightly with hope as he picked up his last dart. With a final hard throw he managed to pop the last balloon. Beacon began to jump up and down in excitement. [I actually won!] [You did good,] Reed congratulated. Vivian and Digby chimed in, [Great job!] The two no longer seemed upset at each other. [Now you can give Digby his prize, unless you want to keep your own Bunnelby.] Beacon’s excitement turned to embarrassment, [Noooo, I played this since you asked me to, I’ll just give the prize to Digby.] [Like I said I don’t want it.] [Then I’ll gladly take it,] Reed added in a creepy chuckle. Digby looked at Reed for a moment before turning back to Beacon with a sigh. [Just give it to me.]

After the man handed Beacon his prize, the little Pokémon hopped off of the booth. Beacon handed the Bunnelby plush over to Digby, but since it was about the same size as the real thing it wasn’t easy to move with it. [This was a worse idea than I though,] Digby sighed as he tried not to drag the plush along. [Awwww, don’t crush Beacon’s victory,] Vivian told him. [As long as you two don’t fight, I’m happy] [That’s sweet of you Beacon.] Vivian bumped into Beacon playfully. [If you really need a spot to keep him, I’ll bring him back to where we’re staying.] Reed turned to Digby. [That’s awesome, but would you meet back up later?]  Reed shook his head, [I’m going to head back to the rest of the group, I want to see what else I can observe.] Reed looked at the stuffed animal and used his powers to make it float. [Bye.] Reed walked away, with the prize by his side. He stuck with the other three since he found watching others antics amusing. [Come hang out again soon,] Digby called out to him. He was sure he would since the three of them always found something to do.

Fourth and last one I'm doing, at least I managed to get half of the events done. I think I got all my spelling mistakes.

Characters: None
Word Count: 979 Words | No Misspellings
Evolutions: None.
Moves: None.
Digby | Bunnelby
Vivian | Pachirisu/Zorua
Beacon | Buneary/Chimeco
Reed | Ralts/Purrloin

This is my first time completing Objective 4!
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Word Count: 979

Digby gained 12 HP, 5 Attack, 9 Sp. Attack, 6 Sp. Defense.
Digby has earned 32 stat points! Digby gained 6 level!

Vivian gained 7 HP, 3 Attack, 7 Defense, 10 Sp. Attack, 5 Speed.
Vivian has earned 32 stat points! Vivian gained 6 level!

Beacon gained 11 Attack, 21 Defense, 3 Sp. Attack.
Beacon has earned 35 stat points! Beacon gained 7 level!

Reed gained 6 Attack, 4 Defense, 7 Sp. Attack, 13 Sp. Defense, 3 Speed.
Reed has earned 33 stat points! Reed gained 6 level!

Trainer earned 211 Trinities.

You gained a Wish Tag!

For completing Star Festival Mini Objective 4, you have received 2 Wish Tags!