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Back on the streets of Skyhaven once more, Digby, Vivian, Beacon, and Reed were more careful about moving around in the crowds. They were not sure where they were heading, but Digby looked intent towards leading them in a certain direction. [Digby where are we even going,] Vivian called out in annoyance. He only looked back at her for a moment as he kept moving forward. [Isn’t it obvious? I’m following my nose, which means I’m heading towards where all the good food is.] [You mean where all the sweets are,] Beacon added in. [Yeah that.]

As they followed Digby he suddenly called out. [Here we are!] Then the group became enveloped in the smell of freshly baked goods. Digby had guided them right towards a stand set up in front of a bakery. It had cupcakes covered in star sprinkles, star shaped cookies, doughnuts and it looked as if the selection never ended. While it smelled and looked fantastic, the line was way too long and continuously growing in size. It would not just be a few minutes to wait for a snack. [Digby we should find someplace else to get a treat.] Beacon put his hand on his shoulder. Digby turned around to look at him with a saddened expression. [Come on Digby, we just got to search for the hidden gem of a stand instead of finding the most extravagant. It’ll be like a treasure hunt expect we’re hunting sweets instead.] Digby perked up and looked ready to get back into action. [Got it! Let’s find us some sweets to eat.]

The group began to shuffle through the streets searching for a dessert stand. However, it was much harder to find a stand that did not have an extreme amount of people lining up. Digby did his best not to look dejected as the search went on, but his sweet tooth craving kept growing. As a Ralts, Reed felt Digby’s emotions having hints of sadness and thus offered his own suggestion. [Searching the side streets would be better. We’re searching for the impossible open stand because of the crowd, so we’ll just head to where there is less crowd] Digby patted his, sadness turning into excitement, [Great idea!] He gained a bounce back into his step as he led the way into various back roads.

Reed was right about the crowd lessening even if there were still a lot of people around. [Wow, even with less people around, it’s still more crowded here than at home.] Vivian looked impressed glancing from person to person. [That’s because our home is small and we’re in the capital city, the crowds would definitely be larger.] Beacon explained. [Our home is still growing but I doubt it will ever be as large of this place though.] Vivian looked confused. [Why won’t we ever get this big?] [The leader hates large crowds. We’ve heard her complaining about it before remember?] Digby responded instead of Beacon. [No wonder she didn’t even bother to come along even though it’s more fun here.] Vivian nodded in understanding. [I think I’m starting to hate crowds too. My poor tail has been nearly trampled a couple of times and we’ve been shoved around way too often. I want to evolve soon so I can be taller.] [That is unless you’re stuck Pachirisu sized forever.] Digby snickered and Vivian hit him with her tail.

As they kept moving along Vivian sniffed the air to catch a whiff of something sweet. [Hey Digby, I think we’re getting close to someplace good.] Digby sniffed the air himself. [You’re right, let’s check it out.] Digby followed the smell that led him to a simple stand selling large star cookies of various flavors. The line was not long and the cookies smelt deliciously fresh, as if they were made only minute ago. [This is definitely a prize,] Digby almost began to drool as he rushed to stand in line. [Can we actually afford this?] Beacon asked moving into line with him. [Of course! I came prepared. I snagged some Trins before we left since I figured we’d need them.] Digby laughed. Vivian glared at Digby, [If we get in trouble you’re taking full blame.] [Don’t worry, I’m not dragging you guys down with me, and I was careful this time. What’s done is done. We’re already in line and no matter what I’m getting something sweet to eat.]

By the time they were done talking the group managed to make it to front of the line and Digby was hopping up and down to get the owner’s attention. He didn’t seem too surprised to see some Pokémon purchasing food, rather the owner turned toward the Reed knowing he’d communicate through the psychic type. “What would the four of you like?” [Four large chocolate star cookies, one for each of us,] Digby told Reed who communicated it back to the man. “Here you go, enjoy” he handed over the cookies and Digby pulled the payment out of his travel bag. The group moved out of the way and found a spot to stand out of the way and eat.

Digby happily munched on his cookie, savoring the sweet taste. Beacon chewed quietly and he held out the other cookie for Vivian to eat and Reed took steady bites out of his. [Mmmm, I could eat a hundred of these,] Digby said through his mouth stuffed with cookies. [You would say that about anything sweet, but these are really good,] Vivian’s tail wagged. [They melt in your mouth,] Beacon added in. [That too.] [So what can we eat next?] Digby asked. [We’re not! We can’t spend the whole day food searching!] Vivian growled. Reed sensing some tension offered his thoughts. [Since you have the Trins, we should try out some of the games.] [Games? Games! I can’t believe I forgot they’d have games, hurry up and let’s go.] Digby ended up stuffing the rest of the cookie into his mouth in his rush. Vivian sighed and took the rest of the cookie out of Beacons hand and finished it off. Digby began moving with Vivian by his side and Beacon and Reed followed behind while munching on their cookies.
Third ojective, if you something to mention on how to improve please make sure to say how. I'm pretty sure I didn't mispell anything

Characters: None
Word Count: 1035 Words | No Misspellings
Evolutions: None.
Moves: None.
Digby | Bunnelby
Vivian | Pachirisu/Zorua
Beacon | Buneary/Chimeco
Reed | Ralts/Purrloin

This is my first time completing Objective 3!

Explorer: MarbleSplotch 
Type of Exploration: Biome
Type -or- Biome: Urban
Items being Used: None
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Word Count: 1035

Digby gained 3 HP, 2 Attack, 14 Defense, 8 Sp. Attack, 10 Speed.
Digby has earned 37 stat points! Digby gained 7 level!

Vivian gained 5 HP, 11 Attack, 7 Defense, 4 Sp. Attack, 4 Sp. Defense, 8 Speed.
Vivian has earned 39 stat points! Vivian gained 7 level!

Beacon gained 2 HP, 11 Attack, 2 Defense, 3 Sp. Attack, 18 Speed.
Beacon has earned 36 stat points! Beacon gained 7 level!

Reed gained 7 HP, 3 Attack, 11 Defense, 5 Sp. Attack, 2 Sp. Defense, 3 Speed.
Reed has earned 31 stat points! Reed gained 6 level!

Trainer earned 230 Trinities.

You gained a Wish Tag!

For completing Star Festival Mini Objective 3, you have received 2 Wish Tags!

Uncommon Reward
You found a(n) Jynx [Ability 1]. Would you like to take it home with you?