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Taking in the sights of the chaotic streets of Skyhaven were a quartet of adventurous Pokémon. Digby, Vivian, Beacon and Reed had decided to leave their home to take a trip to the heart of the Star Festival, and once they arrived they ditched the rest of the group to enjoy themselves. Normally it would have only been three of them, but Reed had come along to see if anything interesting would happen.  

As they moved Vivian suddenly stopped and let out an excited squeal, [Look at how colorful everything is, and those star accessories look great!] [You can’t keep stopping to stare like that! We’re going to get stepped on eventually because of you] Digby tried to rush Vivian. Being a group of small Pokémon made it much harder them to be seen. It did not take long for the crowd to start pushing them out of the way in their moment of hesitation. Now forced into the flow they were jostled around until Digby fell face first through a cracked door with the others piling on in from behind.

[C’mon! Get off of me you’re too heavy!] Digby yelled. [At least you didn’t fall on us, you must weigh a lot more from all that snacking.] Vivian teased as she rolled off him. Reed and Beacon both chuckled softly while pushing themselves up and Digby shot them a glare.

[Who’s there!] A shriek came from the back of the building catching the group by surprise. They heard the scratching off feet and a Watchog ran out in front of them looking ready to fight. [Thieves are not welcome here!]

Digby quickly got up to defend him and the others. [We’re not thieves! It’s your own fault for not even closing the door!] The Watchog took a moment to study Digby and his friends behind him. [You don’t look much like thieves] He started to drop his guard. [Mirabelle must have forgotten to close the door on her way out again. I was busy in the back so I didn’t realize. What brings you to my shop then?] [Shop?] Digby questioned. He didn’t get a good look at the place when he fell in but as he looked around he noticed various clothing and accessories displayed. The Watchog nodded proudly at his question, [Yes shop, welcome to Dressed to Impress, a clothing store for Pokémon and humans alike. I’m Ein, the owner’s assistant who was left behind as the boss went to enjoy the festival.] Ein’s expression quickly changed to irritation.

Digby looked back at his friends unsure what to say. Beacon and Reed shrugged at him, the two didn’t talk much to strangers and Vivian was too busy staring at the accessories. [Um, well we didn’t exactly mean to end up in your shop, we were kind off pushed in here because of the crowd. We didn’t come in here to shop.] Ein still had a hint of irritation but appeared calmer than before. [It’s such a mess out there isn’t it? Yet it would be perfect business but the owner is too busy thinking of having fun. Pokémon and people love to dress for up for festivals and you four are missing out just like me. Even if you didn’t come here to shop I can’t let you go without wearing something.] Vivian’s ears twitched at the mention of free stuff and looked excitedly at Ein while Didgby cocked his head to the side. [Really? Won’t the owner get mad?] Ein shook his head, [If she’s out having fun she won’t noticing anything missing. Since she’s doing what she wants I’m going to do what I want. Just give me a moment.] Ein walked into the back of the store leaving the four Pokémon alone.

[How lucky! We can get ourselves something nice,] Vivian smiled. [He’s an honest guy,] Reed nodded. [Good thing he believed we weren’t thieves,] Beacon chimed in. Digby was about to say something himself but Ein walked back in with clothing and accessories. [These would best suit each of you.] He handed Reed, Beacon, and Digby their items and walked over to Vivian to help put hers on. It was a big yellow ribbon that Ein tied into a bow around the base of her tail. After tying it, he stuck a black star pin through the center. While Vivian tried to turn to look at her tail Ein went to inspect the other Pokémon.

Digby just finished buttoning the vest that was given to him. It was a dark blue with small star-shaped buttons. Reed had put on a cloak that was pink similar to his Ralts helmet but with swirls of purple. Beacon was given a purple bow tie, while simpler than the other gifts he did not look disappointed.

[This fits great!] Digby puffed out his chest. [The material is nice and soft] Reed complimented. Beacon’s lights began to glow as his way of blushing. [You guys look great, how’s my ribbon?] Vivian piped up wagging her tail. [Looking good Vivian,] Digby told her and she laughed. [I feel good whenever my customers enjoy what they wear. We’ll you’re not exactly customers since you’re not paying. Rather think of it as a gift since I was able to vent a bit of my frustration.] Ein looked happier than earlier, [Now go out and enjoy the festival, I may be stuck here but I’ll find something to do rather than falling into a slump. It was nice having someone to listen to me complain even for a little while.]

The four bid Ein farewell while thanking him once more for the clothing. They never expected getting pushed around would end them up in a good situation. While it resulted in them dressing up for the festival they made sure to act more carefully moving around the crowd.

Second objective, once again if anyone would add a suggestion to help improve my righting go ahead and say so 

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Word Count: 976 Words | No Misspellings
Evolutions: None.
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Digby | Bunnelby
Vivian | Pachirisu/Zorua
Beacon | Buneary/Chimeco
Reed | Ralts/Purrloin

This is my first time completing Objective 2!
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Word Count: 976

Digby gained 19 HP, 5 Attack, 5 Sp. Attack, 7 Sp. Defense, 4 Speed.
Digby has earned 40 stat points! Digby gained 8 level!

Vivian gained 14 HP, 7 Defense, 7 Sp. Defense, 7 Speed.
Vivian has earned 35 stat points! Vivian gained 7 level!

Beacon gained 12 HP, 2 Defense, 8 Sp. Attack, 4 Sp. Defense, 13 Speed.
Beacon has earned 39 stat points! Beacon gained 7 level!

Reed gained 3 HP, 10 Attack, 8 Defense, 7 Sp. Attack, 5 Sp. Defense.
Reed has earned 33 stat points! Reed gained 6 level!

Trainer earned 249 Trinities.

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