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The Star Festival had many people excited and a small town within Viburn Woods was no exception. The town itself was still growing, but that did not mean the current residents did not wish to celebrate and make their own wishes. Those that stayed rather than traveling to Skyhaven had begun decorating, covering up as much as they could with streamers, stars, banners, and more. A bit further out of the town, a small group of Pokémon decided to help decorate the pathways.

Floating behind Oz and Pencil, Rine watched the two prepare to decorate. Rine would have enjoyed working if he had limbs, but instead he ended up organizing the help. Their goal was to decorate the lampposts and benches along the pathways. While a couple of lampposts were finished along the way, they had just arrived upon their first bench. Pencil, who was tasked with painting benches, had quickly begun to brush his tail over the wood. He was not a resident of Viburn Woods, but Rine figured he would be the best at painting figuring he was a Smeargle. Oz, who was already used to his job, prepared a star pattered ribbon to wrap around the pole.          

Oz turned back at Rine before starting and smiled, [You don’t have to worry, you’ve done plenty to help.] Rine looked surprised for a moment and then let expression smooth over, [I forgot that you know what others are thinking without reading their minds.] [Only because you keep restlessly moving back and forth. It’s a skill being able to find the right people to help you know. You can tell I enjoy making myself useful and picking Pencil was a smart move.] Rine huffed as Oz turned to look at Pencil who was indulged in his painting. He was making quick progress. It was probably best for Oz to continue his work.

A dark purple glow enveloped the ribbon in Oz’s hand and it began to tie itself around the base of the pole. After being knotted, the rest of the ribbon slinked upwards. Once it reached the top of the pole just below the light, Oz turned to Rine once more. [Your turn.] Rine nodded, his eyes closed and leaves began to float at his side. The leaves swirled at his command and shot forward with complete accuracy slicing off the end of the ribbon. Oz tied the ribbon at the top and brought the left over piece back into his hands. [Another one done. You’re helping a lot by using Magical Leaf to slice of the extra ribbon. I can’t just rip it apart with my powers or else it would not look as nice. ] [It’s useful but I feel like you’re doing most of the work, I’ll take the compliment though.] Rine paused for a moment to think and then continued speaking. [We’ll move on ahead once Pencil is finished, I’d rather us stick together to see how his work comes out.]

Pencil continued to concentrate on the bench while Oz and Rine stood back to watch. He had added the dark blue base color and was painting over the areas that had finished drying. [He’s made good progress in such as small amount of time.] Rine commented. Oz nodded in agreement. [I doubt anyone else here would be doing such a good job.] [That’s because none of us here are artists. It’s good he agreed to help. I thought he would reject me since he seemed so quiet but once I mentioned painting he became energetic.] Oz smiled thoughtfully. [I can understand the feeling of getting into what you enjoy. I would love to study the dreams of others, however since everyone knows that I can eat dreams they worry that I’ll eat theirs. Yet I don’t enjoy the taste of good dreams. I prefer the taste of nightmares which actually end up calming whoever is sleeping. So if I was given the opportunity to look at dreams I would gladly be excited.] [Nightmare or not, I think it’s the idea of having their dreams being eaten that others don’t ask for you to look at them.] [Maybe so. I wouldn’t know since dream eating is natural for me.] Oz began thinking as the two of them fell into silence. Only Pencil’s brush against the bench could be heard.

As time passed by Pencil finally took a step back to look at his work and then smiled proudly. [It looks better than I thought] Rine complimented. Painted on the bench was a clear night sky shining with stars. The idea was simple enough, but Pencil was able to execute it perfectly. [Can we move to the next one?] Pencil’s eyes sparkled, as he was ready to continue his work. [Of course, we’ll continue with the poles and you can go ahead with the rest of your painting.] Pencil eagerly nodded and moved on ahead. [I guess you were right about me choosing the proper help.] Rine stated as Oz chuckled. The two continued on to finish decorating the rest of the pathway before it got dark.
Ah, I don't normally write things and writing makes me nervous, so I hope this reads ok. Thoughts on my writing are welcome sice I'd be happy to improve. I'm pretty sure I didn't misspell anything though. 

Characters: None
Word Count: 850 words | No Mispellings
Evolutions: 0
Moves: 1
Rine: Magical Leaf
Rine | Petilil 
Oz | Dark Alchemized Drowzee 
Pencil | Smeargle [ MephilesfanforSRB2 ]

This is my first time completing Objective 1!
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Word Count: 850

Rine gained 13 HP, 2 Attack, 2 Defense, 8 Sp. Attack, 5 Sp. Defense.
Rine has earned 30 stat points! Rine gained 6 level!

Oz gained 7 HP, 3 Attack, 6 Defense, 5 Sp. Attack, 3 Sp. Defense, 5 Speed.
Oz has earned 29 stat points! Oz gained 5 level!

Pencil gained 6 HP, 5 Defense, 3 Sp. Attack, 11 Sp. Defense, 3 Speed.
Pencil has earned 28 stat points! Pencil gained 5 level!

Trainer earned 138 Trinities.

You gained a Wish Tag!

Gift Bonus!
Pokemon of Choice gained 5 Speed.
Pokemon of Choice has earned 5 stat points! Pokemon of Choice gained 1 level!

Please reply with which pokemon is claiming these rolls.

For completing Star Festival Mini Objective 1, you have received 1 Wish Tag!