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PR: Layla

Name: Layla
Species: Growlithe
Type: Water/Fire
Special Traits: Alchemized
Gender: Female
Hatch Date: 12-8-14
Ability: [2] Flash Fire

Personality: Loyal and proud, Layla works as an escort for the postal workers of Viburn. She takes her work seriously and acts on guard when speaking with unfamiliar Pokemon. Don't ever call her fat, it's the quickest way for her to lose her temper. She's also very active, when not working she likes going for runs and swimming. Surprisingly she's a very graceful swimmer. 

Level: 30
HP: 40
Attack: 19
Defense: 32
Special Attack: 36
Special Defense: 25
Speed: 40

Move List:
Experience Log:
Transfer- Level 7- 35 stat points 
Ref- 4lvl 22 stat
Down by the Sea- 6lvl 30 stat
You Saw Nothing [FishBatDragonThing] - 19 lvl 99 stat (21 HP, 11 Attack, 16 Defense, 18 Sp. Attack, 15 Sp. Defense, 18 Speed)

Mother: Rakshasa's Kiss 
Father: Inari One

Breeding: Undecided


Trainer: Ran Tae

Role: Postal Guard

Claimed Roll
: Full Body, Shading, Color
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I see that Layla is a Postal Guard... and all I can think of now are reeeaaaaally bad "I got a package for ya" references.  x'D