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cover illust for 'A Gordian Knot'

:icontf-the-lost-seasons: let me know their "A Gordian Knot" story with this cover are online tf-the-lost-seasons.deviantart... , so I'm glad to update this image to my dA gallery too.
I've made this cel painting a few years ago when I started to make cel paintings of TF and original mechs though, this image has some parts I still like:)

Hope you like this too^_^

acryl gouache colors and black ink on clear film and canvas,
67 x 42(cm)
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How old are you?

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This is amazing and outstanding work! Such fine detail and colors as always :) 
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You did very awesomely with this piece.
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Perfect as always.
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Amizing work, Congrats man!
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Nice picture good job
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awesomee work
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ur wellcam...
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why r there 2 Optimus?
Is this Prime Problem all over again!
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Haha! It never mean hommage to this scene too:D(…)
You can read this comics here(tf-the-lost-seasons.deviantart… ) and find reason^^
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I have missed Rui here on DA :)

This is one of your first :wow: It's amazing! So many details on Prime! I really love the one taken from the G1 toy!

Menasor looks fantastic as well! This is something to be proud of Rui :hug:
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I've been a little busy about college work and some commissions and forgot to submit some my work and fan art, so I'll show some work I made recently in my dA gallery^_^

Really glad to hear glad words from you! I enjoyed drawing TFs in this so much! 
I hope to make many parts I will like in my coming work too as I did for this painting.   
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Haha, this happens :hug:
You are very popular here, perhaps one day you will have your own handshake event ;) (can I get a special ticket? @.@)

I want to ask one question: Why does this image have a toy Optimus and a cartoon Optimus?
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I may give an answer to that Phil; the story this cover was done for, shows Optimus in two years 1986 and 2007, we wanted to make him look slightly different for each time, so both Iohannes (in the interior pages) and Rui (in the cover) used the original G1 toy as the model for the '86 Optimus and the Masterpiece figure for the 2007 one. Even storywise this made sense because Optimus had been rebuilt by the end of the cartoon's third season, and the 2007 parts of this were after that.
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This is really amazing! I love how you drew Optimus! One day I hope to create art like this! :D Keep up the awesome work!!
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Bloody awesome!
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No words! Amazing!!!!
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Thanks! Very glad to hear that from you:happybounce:!
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