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Vision of the Future...?

By marble-v
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A cel painting I made for TF fan event this June in Japan [link]
From the upper right, Prime Vehicon, Black Convoy(RID), Grimlock, Origin Megatron, Origin Frenzy, Star Saber(V), Lio Convoy(BWⅡ), Optimus Prime(the War Within), Ratbat, Straxus(Marvel) and SG Soundwave.

I tried to draw as many series' TF as I could in this, so I would be glad if there's your favorite TF^_^(Especially I enjoyed drawing Prime Vehicon.) I love a scene where Optimus Prime and Megatron witness vision of the their future the Matrix showed to them in DW's War Within comics. And I thought maybe Optimus Prime in that scene could meet other series' TFs too and became main TF for this painting. (Maybe he is minor 'Prime' a little for Japanese TF fans though^^;)
I would have loved to draw these TFs in this painting, so I was very glad to get a chance to draw them for this fan event in Japan^^

Black ink and gouache colors on clear board. And used Photoshop to add effect (My air brush kit wasn't work well a little recently:crying:)
size: 25.5cm x 36cm
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This. Is. AWESOME!
wordmongerer's avatar
Absolutely breathtaking Rui. Truly incredible!
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Cool work, I love the War Within series.
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
DanLuna's avatar
Dude! Epicness!
NuclearConvoy's avatar
This blows me away, man!
shatteredglasscomic's avatar
OOOH, I see Sir Soundwave!! :D I love this cover!! ;-)
marble-v's avatar
Thank you! I was very glad to draw SG Soundwave in this:D!
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You do the "Transformers" franchise justice. ;)
NeonGenesisGuyverIII's avatar
"For the Sake of the Future, We Must Fight On!" is what I think Optimus would say right here.
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this is very awesome good work!
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Absolutely outstanding! Incredibly cool!
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the vehicon's the most awesome one in the group because he's so plain, it makes him stand out even more
marble-v's avatar
Very glad you liked Prime Vehicon in this:D! I want to draw another image of him (or them) too one day.
TRice01's avatar
I love the "Studio Ox" feel to this. And SG Soundwave's expression is priceless!
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Thanks! I would have loved to draw SG Soundwave one day, so I'm glad you liked him in this^_^
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