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Predaking --unite


He's my favorite character of the giant transformers of Decepticon.
I think that the art of "CALL OF THE PRIMITIVE" is very cool.
I watch the story many times.
What is more, Grimlock and other characters are so charming too in this story.

Gouache on clear film, and oil on canvas.
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Call of the Primitives is the best animated episode of the entire series and that's a fact! It was rumoured to have been animated by Tokyo Movie Shinsha, the studio which animated Sonic X and Inspector Gadget.
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Predaking is truly the king.
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Cooooooooooooooooool :D
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Well done! Looks very badass!
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Looks amazing!
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Dude I agree. Hell "Call of the Primitives" had the best aesthetics of any G-1 episode EVER!
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Yeah, I'm always impressed by cel anime artwork in that episode whenever I watch it:love:
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Hello,dear. Here's a follow-up to this awesome piece: [link]
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Call of the Primitives is my fav episode too
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I think both story and artwork are AMAZING in this episode too:D
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Grimlock was so awesome in that episode :XD:
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Awesome work as usual. I love it!
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As a transformers fan,I really enjoyed this Magami Ban art style and no amount of super robot anime can add up to this...well..except for Dancougar,Machine Robo Revenge of Chronos,Dangaioh,Tekkaman Blade and I guess Transformers Victory used it most of the times. Studio Ox must really come back...Transformers nowadays stinks because of Michael Bay. My dream was to become an anime supervisor and the first order of business,remake the Original transformers from the 80's with a new story-line fitted for matured audiences like the good-old days of Super robot animes,animation by Studio Ox/Magami Ban and bring Machine Robo to America without the name of that god-forsaken franchise "Gobots" ruining it and wage a war between Machine Robo and Transformers. Yeah,that would bring the party in da house..marble-v FOREVER!!!
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Awesome! I like Predaking too:)
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He's always so in any media. Thanks for the message^^
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Awesome! I love the Studio Ox- style art!
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Glad that you love this style, thanks!
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