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Metroplex and his city guard robots Six-Gun, Scamper and Slammer.

Metroplex is one of my favorite city-bots. Especially I love design of him by Studio OX very much:D(And I love him in 'The Ultimate Weapon' episode.)
And I think that Six-Gun's design by Studio OX was really cool too, but I referred design of his head in G1 cartoon when I draw him in this.
Design of Scamper is also by Studio OX, and I changed his head design a little too. And I found pleasure in drawing a little tank Slammer too^^

I would love to see more scenes of this team in any media of Transformers series someday! (As I want to see them of more Trypticon and his partners too^^)

Hope you like it:)

Black ink, gouache colors on clear film and illustration board.
size : 36 x 26 cm
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Incredible!! This might took a lot of time to finish
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This style need to be back in Animation.
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this is so cool! I really love how you do all the details with the color and light? I had to do a double take because I thought it was a cel I hadn't seen before! 
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Your art is amazing.
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He resembles the Diaclone logo a bit.

If you don't know, Diaclone is pretty much Transformers before they were called that.
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wow, studio OX in a nutshell
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Truly amazing...
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It's gorgeous! I'm glad someone else besides me prefers Studio OX's style to Dery's lacklustre designs. Heck, I wish Masterpiece robot modes were based on Studio OX.
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give it up to The 'Plex!
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Fucking beautiful
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Metroplex heeds the call of Rodimus Prime. ^^
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Your gallery is amazing!
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Oh god, I just randomly found you in the 'More Like This' section, and I am so happy! You've got yourself a new Watcher, friend!

Metroplex looks so ready to smash some heads in! This looks fantastic, I can't wait to see more!
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Thanks very mush for finding my work and the watch^_^!
I love some scenes for Metroplex vs Trypticon in G1 cartoon, and I wish I could see his support TFs more>_< 
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He is such a cool character, I'd pass out if we got to see him stomping about in the next Transformers series!
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Incredible!! and honestly one of the cleanest Fort Max renders I've ever scoped. Period! You should be proud its intensely well done.
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Ahh,you know this is Metroplex,right?
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This is incredible. I just...I...WOW.
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As usual you did a marvelous work here! The work is too amazing I just don't what to say! :P
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