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Collective intelligence

My contribution to Hysterical Minds, thirteenth pack, "They're among us".…

Photomanipulation and digital painting. 

All the photos are made by myself and the brain is a free stock.
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put the stock credits so as i suggest it as a DD.
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What stock? I used my own photos and the brain is a free photo.
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i guess maybe if u declared this in the artist comment that this is ur own photos and where did u get the free photo, then i'll suggest it and see what they can say.
let me know if u did that. :)
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Do you mean I need to put my own photos copyright to be suggested it as a DD? I didn't know it... All the photos are made by my own. Thanks!
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this is a quote from a DD selector page "Credit must be provided to stock artists, and stock must be from legitimate sources (i.e., not Google). " which means if u used ur own stocks, purchased stocks, or a free stock u need to clear all that out in ur artists' commenting area and i guess for now u need to put the website that u got the brain photo from, because they want to make sure that it's from a legitimate source. FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions? also check this after u make sure that u fulfill their requirements then feel free to notice me and i'll suggest.

sorry but this is how it goes ... i've suggested like 6 works from different artists this week, but they told me that they didn't provide stock credits although they were a deserved DD pieces. i felt bad that many great artists wouldn't be noticed because such a thing. so don't forbid your self from being featured because of this. i hope u keep all that in mind for your upcoming works and try to fix the previous work credits if some one else wanted to suggest a work from your gallery :)
valdesu's avatar D: this is so interesting to look at, my brain's all confuzzled! D: 
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Sic transit gloria mundi ...
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Well now that's an odd thing to put on your popcorn
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