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Contest3 - Snow Ball Fight

:postit: To Cast your Vote :postit:
:bomb: The vote will take place from 4th – 8th January
:bomb: Put your comment here and list the numbers (of both section) of the entries that you like.
:bomb: Other people from outside the Marauders Club can cast their vote too.
:bomb: Pick one of each categories (so 1 from the amateur section and 1 from the advanced section).
:bomb: You can vote for yourself, if you think you deserve it ^_^

:bulletgreen: [Contest Entry] :bulletgreen:
:pointr: Amateur
[link] ~haruie-chan
[link] ~kmye-chan
[link] ~niyakitty411
:pointr: Advanced
[link] *patchworkangel
[link] ~evilremmy
[link] ~AlexSakura
[link] ~akisame

Big thanks for all the people who submitted their works for the contest and to all people who put their vote in. THE VOTING IS CLOSED NOW
To know who's the winner, check the main page journal entry
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amateur: 2

advanced: 3

bAkGuA's avatar
Amateur 3 Advanced 4
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Thanks for all people who cast their vote :)
The vote is now closed

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#2 and #2! lol I love them both!
blueseas's avatar
wow, I'm definately voting for Locomotor snowball...#2....rad.

and for advanced....hmm...personally, I think Locomotor snowball could be advanced...but I'll vote for #4....go snape...
freckerface's avatar
amatuer 2, advanced 1
GroupEvilLaugh's avatar
Amateur #3
Advanced #1

Where's all the Lucius?? I suppose I'm the only person who likes him though. I'll have to enter the next contest with a drawing of him. :D

I'm scared that I'm going to be bombarded with hateful comments soon.....

mitani-chan's avatar
amateur #2
advanced #4

haha, all looks good good ^.^
magiqual's avatar
Amateur - 2
Advanced - 3

They're all really good though! :D :boogie:
albinopenguin's avatar
I vote #2 in each category.
Everybody did really well in this contest, it was so hard to chose!
pinkneko's avatar
Amateur - 2
Advanced - 1

All of them are cute, though! *sigh* Wish I entred x_x;
jstalker's avatar
Amateur- 2
Advanced- 1

Their all good. To bad i didn't get my entrie in intime. >< But There is always next time around.
Liliah's avatar
They were all good, and they made me smile. But I have to choose.

Amateur-2 (but 3 was cute)

Advanced-4 (it made me laugh)

Happy New Year Everyone!

ringuchan's avatar
Amateur: 2

Advanced: 1

good job! :D
leeann's avatar
Amateur: 2

Advanced: 1

They're all great -it was a tough decision!
yavielome's avatar
amatuer: 2
advanced: 1
aevachan's avatar
Amature - #2
Advanced - #4

They're all so cute! :D
witchiemiranda's avatar
Amateur: #2

Advanced: #1

Lovely entries everyone! ^____^ :clap:
cocohints's avatar
Amateur: 2:!:
Advanced: 3:!:

Everyone did a kick ass job!! :clap:
mirime's avatar
amateur - 2
advanced - 1
hazel-thorn's avatar
Amateur: 2
Advanced: 1
clericashleapreston's avatar
Amateur : 2
Advanced: 4
plinti's avatar
Amateur: 2
Advanced: 4

(but I wonder why kyme-chan is amateur.. ^^;)
evilremmy's avatar
2 and 3.

Love love love love love! Well done everyone!
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