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The Worm King

Birthday pic for :iconbezzalair: of her super-cool character: The Worm King

Happy Birthday Bezz!:party:
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i like how is tongue is looping around
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woooooooooooow, awesome, very good painting technique!
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OMG!!! AWESOME!!!! it looks like tim burtans art style!!! 8D
Spiritofdarkness's avatar
:) cool work - I like thos Beetlejuice-colors :D
KidVenom's avatar
Absolutely wicked job man!
o-Scythe-o's avatar
It's really awesome!
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GAH! Sand WORMS!!!
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beetle juice
beetle juice
beetl- you thought i'd say it 3 times didn't you
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XD Yesssssssssssssss!

Great work with the crazy guy! love how vicious he looks!
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Oh my god. Freaking epic.
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Awesome fanwork! b^w0-
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Eee~! thank you so much, Ian! xD
his crown looks like a chess-piece. :3 I like that.
and I love his slimy looking tongue too. :D and the blood TOO of course! cant forget the blood. x)
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hehe, glad you like it ;p
you're welcome:ahoy:
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That's so cool, I love death chicken this critter looks like Bezz was inspired by Tim Burtons beetlejuice sand wroms.
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Gives kinda like a Beetlejuice feeling there
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This makes me smile. This is awesome!
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this is awesome, it looks rugged and fearsome
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k thats what i call wicked^^
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