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LogoBattery for iPhone 2.1

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These are battery icons for the Apple iPhone. They will display while the phone is docked/charging. There are six color versions to choose from. Please don't use the pink one, it's ugly.


How to install:

Advanced method:

1. Download the zip containing all images here: [link]
2. Connect to your phone using WinSCP or the equivalent for Mac.
3. Navigate to /private/var/root/Library/Customize/BatteryImages/
4. Copy the downloaded folder with the battery images into the BatteryImages folder.

OR easy method (RECOMMENDED!):

Add [link] to your installer sources. It will have the file so you can install it automatically. Once the source is added, browse to "iFon Themes" and install "LogoBattery". This is a Norwegian source, so just remove it when you're done to remove the clutter if you're not Norwegian.

If you want to do some changes to it, I have a really tidy PSD I can send upon request.
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Tks very much for your post.

You also find all Wallpaper iphone at link at the end of this post.

Source: Bokeh Wallpaper iPhone

Best rgs
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You instructions aren't working. I made a new folder so the address is the same, but nothing happened and it doesn't show up in WinterBoard because its in the wrong directory. What's the correct address?
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Link to the "Advanced Method" is broken.. :/
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Hello, could you please post your theme over at [link] in the "Themes" category? Thanks a ton!
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Reup please?
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could I get the psd on that or could you add a link for it thx
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dlabProfessional Artist
Really nice. Can I use it on my ipod?
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thats a good idea
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I'm sorry guys. It's been such a long time since I made this that the psd is on a disconnected drive. I've jumped to a Mac now, and it seems I was too lazy to copy over those PSDs. You'll have to make do with what is available in the download link. I have no idea how Customize for iPhone is these days, and I don't use a jailbroken iPhone anymore, so ... You're on your own.
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This battery theme looks amazing.

I can't get it to work though. My phone is jailbroken. Is it because my firmware is 2.2.1?
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naethenProfessional Digital Artist
how can i use this?? i cant find customize folder in my phone
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because i want a organge battery with whithe leds
l-fer-ABe's avatar
hey man great job, can you send me the psd???
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MossarelliHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm using the first battery logo and it's really nice.
Thank you so much.
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naethenProfessional Digital Artist
hay.. how can u change the bat theme? coz i cauldnt find it thru' ssh
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The white 1 is so nice!!!!!
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But, if you have one of these batteries.. and you want your old one back..

Can you change that in the program you have downloaded from iFon Themes?

Or do you have to remove the program at installer -->> uninstall?

Thnx for answering
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Looks sweet - download points to a .PNG only. Is this correct?
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No, that is not correct. Would recommend to get it through the installer source listed in the description, but I'll fix the download link.
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Seems I'm a newbie. Can't figure out how to have a separate display image and download. I've fixed the description so the zip containing the battery images can be downloaded directly. The zip and installer source also contains an extra battery image with no grey metal background, just a black background with the % and the LED indicator. Will probably expand it more in the future.
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yeah perfect idea, just a black BG with % and the LEDs...

plz upload that :)
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very good work man !
come join the group [link]
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it works... THX :-*
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