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Scream 2

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This is one of our new pics from our latest photo shoot (finally). The three new series being put up are Elegance, Sophistication, and Scream. There's also a few Nature shots. Check them out. By the way, before downloading or using make sure you check out our journal for rules.
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used as a drawing reference :)
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Thanks for sharing your photos!
I used your stock here: [link]
and I submitted the same manip to a contest on pxleyes: [link]

Kind regards,
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The project's not done yet but I'll link here when I finish.
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I'd really like to use this as a reference for a contest piece. I won't be getting any money, but I was wondering if that would be okay. I read your rules on using stock images, and you didn't seem to have anything on contests. This isn't a deviant art contest, but I'll be sure to include your dA account name when I submit this ^^ I just wanted to know if it was alright to use this..?
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I love this shot! I used it here: [link]
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used here:[link]
thank u very much:hug::rose:
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used here , [link] .. nice pic
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I'd like to use this, if that's okay! Full credit will be given! :la: :heart: (awesome emotion)
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Hi there, I used your stock as a reference here -> [link] Thanks for letting me use it :)
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hi! I used your stock here- [link] ^_^
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used your stock here: [link]
thanks a lot :)
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:wave: Hi! Used this pic as a drawing reference here: [link] . Thanks so much for the dynamic pose! :thanks:
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dude! You don't know how PERFECT of a stock this is for me right now! What a lucky find!
I'm drawing a picture of a prom queen eating her date, and I needed reference for a girl screaming in the BG and this was amazingly perfect! Thanks so much!
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Haha so glad we could help! Good luck with your drawing and we'd love to see it when it's finished! :D
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awesome facial expression!!! :clap: always nice to see a model in stock that doesn't have to smile pretty for the camera ;)!
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Thanks! That's what we thought too. :love:
kellock's avatar look really pissed :sprint:
but beautiful picture and dress ^^
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Thanks it was kinda the look we were going for.
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lol i know xD
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