How to Blend in Procreate

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How to Blend in Procreate

Digital Art Tips: How to Blend in Procreate

If you are just starting to use Procreate for digital art or you are looking for ways to improve your art skills, here are some tips and tricks about how to blend colors on the digital art program, Procreate. Blending is a natural part of painting and drawing, just so much as drawing itself and manipulating the image with an eraser. Unlock new potentials with your pieces after you continue reading this blog.

How to Access the Blend Tool

On Procreate, blending is done via the Smudge tool. The smudge tool can be selected and you will be prompted to pick a brush to use from the brush library while blending. This will allow you to work with different brushstrokes and textures as you blend. You can alter the affects of your smudge tool by toggling the levels on the opacity slider, which can be found on the left sidebar on the screen, to strengthen or weaken the effects of the tool.

Natural Effects

Procreate excels at letting you create art as realistically as possible. For example, if you smudge on a high setting, the paint can create lines and smudge marks, as a heavy hand would in real life, instead of simple blending. The same goes for, the more pressure you apply, the heavier strokes, and there are options to have your paint dry naturally (to allow for natural blend and run of colors) or to dry instantly too.

Smudging can be manipulated at a variety of settings but the two big differences is high or low pressure.

High Pressure Smudge: This is the quicker way to blend colors but it will look texturally heavy handed. Colors will wipe visibly in the direction you smudge them. Handled well, this can create some texture dynamic pieces.

Low Pressure Smudge: Create smooth blends and gradients with a soft touch.


There are many brushes you can use for blending while using the smudge tool. Popular options are the soft airbrush or soft brush for their light techniques, especially when using the Smudge tool on a lower pressure. Different brushes will create different textures, looks, and results as you use the smudge tool so take some time to experiment with the look you would like to create.


When softly blending with the smudge tool, another tool to utilize is a brushes’ opacity. Found on the left side of the screen, toggle opacity to about 50% or more to create soft effects while blending. Take your time and move slowly with these tools to create beautiful effects.

Bring your painting skills to a whole new level in Procreate with the Smudge tool. Learn how to blend light or heavy with the variety of tools you have at your disposal. Experiment with opacity, different brushes, and see what effects can be created. Remember to always test effects ahead of time as you plan out your next drawing so you will be ready to create.

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