Drawing with an iPad Pro

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Drawing with an iPad Pro

Digital Art Benefits for Drawing with an iPad Pro

Apple products, such as the iPad Pro offer a variety of uses and tools for digital artists, regular tablet users, and more. The convenient, light, and transportable iPad Pro is a great device for artists to use. Expand and explore your art techniques into the world of digital art with this device. If you have never drawn digitally before or are exploring your options, this blog will take a look at how an iPad Pro can be a great addition to your drawing tools.

Known for its precision and speed, an iPad pro is a great tablet to use for drawing digitally. While you might not have the rotation, keys, and manual erasers that other tablets offer, this is a great choice if you are looking for something to be much more than a drawing tablet and to have more app choices at your fingertips.

Drawing Digitally

Digital drawing unlocks a world of possibilities for art. For example, you can toggle your brush to become a paintbrush, a spray, pencils, markers, and more instead of carrying all those individual tools around with you as you did with traditional art. You will have every tool in your hand, easy to access, transport, and use. While this may seem overwhelming, try a few things at a time to get used to the device and to create pieces right away.

iPad Features

The Apple iPad Pro comes with the ideal Apple Pencil that works on your tablet with precise results and no lag. You can get drawing right away with its convenient features. The iPad offers an endless library of apps to use as well. The benefit here is that you can draw directly on the screen, without having to break the bank for a computer drawing tablet. iPad also provides features for internet browsing, files, documents, photos, a camera, games, and more so it is an all-in-one kind of device.

iPad Drawing Programs

Photoshop Sketch

A free app, you can doodle and test out the layers, brushes, and more benefits of digital art right away. This is great if you are new to digital art and are looking to test out the feel of it.


Procreate corrects your strokes as you go and has a number of image editing effects you can explore to edit your drawings once completed. With a gallery of over 120 brushes, and more depending on packs you download, you have many options to create here.

After exploring some of the ways you can improve your art and expand your creative world with digital art, the iPad Pro is a possible way to go. Don’t let these choices become too overwhelming as there are so many brushes, programs, and more all available to you. Maybe try one thing at a time or limit how many brushes and colors you use to not get overwhelmed. This will help you focus on the new program or tool you are using.

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