Drawing with a Wacom Tablet

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Drawing with a Wacom Tablet

Explore the Digital Art Benefits of Drawing with a Wacom Tablet

Digital art has an array of programs, tools, and devices to choose from. Whether you are new in the field or are looking for an upgrade, this blog will explore the benefits and drawbacks of using a Wacom Tablet. Different tablets are compatible with different programs, software, and more. A benefit of the Wacom Tablet is that it is compatible with both Mac and PC.

Benefits of Drawing Digitally

Digital art allows artists to create with a plethora of tools, colors, brushes, and more all on one device. Gone are the days of traveling with color pencils, pens, paintbrushes, and more. Everything you need is conveniently in one compact and easy to use device. While transportable, devices such as the Wacom tablet are convenient because it mimics traditional drawing with the tablet and pen combination. This makes it simpler for traditional artists to make the switch to digital art and to continue improving your art skills.

How to Connect Your Wacom Tablet

The Wacom Tablet is compatible with both PC and Mac. You will connect your device with a USB cable between the device and computer. The Wacom driver will need to be downloaded and installed. If you are using a Windows PC, restart after the installation then follow the set-up instructions.

Wacom Tablet Features

Wacom Tablet offers a variety of products such as pen tablets, pen displays, pen computers, and a variety of bamboo styluses. Each one caters to different needs whether you want that traditional pen on paper feel or the entire digital art experience.

Pen Tablet

The Intous pen tablets by Wacom are available in multiple sizes to have a more natural drawing experience. For example, the Wacom Intuos Pro transforms your traditional paper drawing into a digital file while you are drawing. How cool is that?

Pen Computers

The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is one of the pen computers available by Wacom. This device can be used on its own as a computer or can be attached to another device. You can draw directly on screen to create your next greatest piece.

Programs with Windows

The Wacom Tablet can use many digital art programs. Explore and find what one fits your needs the best. Here are some favorites:

  • SketchBook

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Autodesk

  • Clip Studio Paint Pro

  • Corel

  • And more!

There are so many options, features, devices, and more to choose from when working with a Wacom Tablet. The possibilities are endless, but don’t let that overwhelm you. This helpful guide is here to break down your experience with the Wacom Tablet and to see what works the best for you. Whether you want a device to convert your traditional drawings, or you are looking for the entire digital art experience, you have your choice of options. Get drawing and explore the world of digital art with the Wacom Tablet. Bring your drawings to life, push your boundaries, and keep on creating.

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sunflower8577's avatar

Do you need a laptop for this tablet and is digital art hard to do

MaraRey's avatar

I believe the tablet can be used by itself through a WIFI connection. Digital art is fun, I wouldn't consider it hard... Just enjoy it!

Cool thanks for the advice

AngieTheKirin's avatar

What wacom tablet do you use? I have the intous pro medium.

MaraRey's avatar

I have previously used the same one you have! I usually use it for basic stuff and too get my creative juices flowing. Do you enjoy your tablet?

AngieTheKirin's avatar

Yup! Using it right now for art fight!

MaraRey's avatar

That's great! I remember someone telling me about art fight. What is art fight exactly?

AngieTheKirin's avatar

Where 2 teams have to basically draw other peoples Oc’s for points. Just a more advanced art trade basically. Its fun.

MaraRey's avatar

That sounds awesome! Well, good luck with it! I hope your Wacom tablet helps you succeed!!!

AngieTheKirin's avatar

Thanks! And it will!

MaraRey's avatar

Your welcome!

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