Creating Animations on Procreate

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Creating Animations on Procreate

Digital Art: How to Create Animations Using Procreate

Did you know you can create simple animations on the app Procreate? If you have an apple product, you can create simple animations and take advantage of the smooth drawing features on this app. Keep on reading to learn more about how to create animations with your drawings.

What is Procreate?

Procreate is an exclusive app on the iPad that is available to purchase at $9.99. This software was designed to work exclusively with the Apple iPad and Apple Pen to give you a fantastic user experience.

Like most digital art programs, you have multiple layers, layer toggles, and more to work with. Procreate takes this a step farther by providing the ability to create animated GIFs with your piece’s layers. Here is how you can create a digital art animation on Procreate:

To create an animation, you will need to create the sketch of your base drawing. Once the sketch is made, create a second layer and draw clean line work over it. Once that is finished, delete the sketch and turn the opacity of your base drawing all the way up.

Once your base drawing is complete, you will be duplicating layers and toggling the opacity as you work.

Your base drawing will be layer one. Duplicate this to create layer number two (which will have low opacity) to draw your first movement in the animation. Pick the section of your character that will begin to move i.e., if they are going to smile, erase the lines of the mouth. Once these lines are erased, you will be able to see through to layer number one where the lines of the original drawing are right underneath. They will be dull in color because of the opacity across the layers. Follow this to draw the new movement on top.

Repeat duplicating the layers and adjusting the opacity as you create each movement. The older layers will show through as an onion skin AKA the previous frames in an animation.

Once your layers are complete, you can color them in. Save yourself some time by coloring one layer and then duplicating the color to be copied onto other layers. Any areas that are changed because of the animation, you can simply erase and clean up the color as you go. This will save you the time it takes to completely recolor the entire figure every step of the way.

When your drawing is all good to go, go to “share” in procreate where a menu will appear. Underneath “share layers” you will see “Animated GIF.” Select that and a pop up will show your GIF with the options to toggle the frames per second as well as having a transparent background or not. When you are all done, export your GIF and get ready to share it with the world.

After following this guide, you will be able to create your animated GIFs in no time. Get drawing and see what other possibilities you can unlock on Procreate.

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