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Magic Moonlight by MaraRey, visual art

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Jolly by MaraRey, visual art

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The Other Day by MaraRey, visual art

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Making it Liquid by MaraRey, visual art

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Getting Away by MaraRey, visual art

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My Bio


Hello! My name is MaraRey and I am a self-taught digital abstract expressionist. I have a love for vibrant colors and emotion-driven work that creates a message of joy and begs reaction from my viewers. On my DeviantArt page you will find my professional digital works with a variety of colors, emotions, styles, and more. Please enjoy your stay and let me know what my work makes you think.

Every artist creates from inspiration, curiosity, emotions, and experience. Around my art, my hobbies are the craft of traditional painting, digital art, and I enjoy recording my painting processes. My inspirations come from two traditional artists. First is Joan Mitchell, a “second generation” abstract expressionist American painter and printmaker. My other inspiration is Christine Ay Tjoe, one of the most celebrated contemporary female artists in Indonesia. Both of their works are so full of passionate color and movement.

Working and creating as a digital artist, my favorite form of abstract artwork is fluid painting. Fluid painting is a technique when the work has a fluid or free-flowing look to the piece. This is a method I want to focus on more and am currently experimenting with in my paintings. Alongside this technique, I work with bright colors, and high contrasts, which are my favorite parts of a piece. Vibrant colors are key to a piece’s success due to it’s attractive and stirring quality.

To me, painting is a way to escape the stresses of real life. When I sit down to paint, it’s an opportunity to reflect and relax as I let all my emotions release onto the digital canvas. As a result, my pieces are greatly influenced by the emotions I channel into them. These results can be dark or light, but I try to create something that others can enjoy or feel connected to. I think of how others will enjoy my work as I create it and try to make something they will see and react to. This is why I believe art is interactive. I want my viewers to look at my work and feel an emotion—anything—in reaction to my creation.

While I have a love of traditional painting as well, my gallery on DeviantArt showcases my abstract digital pieces. I chose this presentation to focus on my greatest love of digital art and to create a unique gallery with a cohesive theme. My gallery also doubles as a professional presentation for clients to see my products. When viewing my gallery, I welcome personal notes and messages to discuss or inquire about my work—I am here for genuine interactions and to share my love for abstract art.

There is something special about digital art. What makes it unique to me is the excitement at having every tool imaginable right at my fingertips. No more do I need the endless physical brushes, palettes of paint, stacks of sketchbooks, canvases, and more. With digital art, this process gives me more creative freedom where a traditional format might have some restrictions depending on my resources and techniques. When creating digital art, my go to art programs are Corel Paintshop Pro and Adobe Photoshop.

My dream is to become a full-time professional artist. To me, full-time work means being able to provide for my family with my art, and to continue pursuing my passions in the field. Art is a continuous growing and learning experience so I look forward to what I will create and present in the future. If you are interested in these services, let me know and come along for the ride! Prepare to enjoy quality work from my expertise in digital abstract expressionism.

Please enjoy my gallery and take a look at my variety of pieces such as “Getting Away,” “The Other Day,” “Making it Liquid,” and “Jolly.” If you were to ask me to choose a favorite piece, my answer will always be, “My favorite piece will always be the next one!” Stay endlessly creative my friends.

Open. Spaces. Clear. Thoughts.


If you want to learn a little more about me and my passions, here are some more things that I love and enjoy.

I am an ever-curious explorer of the world around me and many mediums. When painting, I use my computer, paint, and life experiences to influence me. I spend my free time with my nose in a book whether it be anything by Harper Lee or some of my favorite titles: Ulysses, A Tale of Two Cities, and All the Light We Cannot See. I enjoy playing my Xbox Live with games of strategy or Tetris. When I have the time, I often listen to The Breeders and Supremes. “Dr. Strangelove”, “The Lady Eve”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Pretty Woman”, and “The Sound of Music” are my favorite movies and on TV it’s always Reba or Band of Brothers for me.


Favourite Visual Artist
Joan Mitchell and Christine Ay Tjoe
Favourite Movies
Dr. Strangelove, The Lady Eve, Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, The Sound of Music
Favourite TV Shows
Reba, Band of Brothers
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Breeders, Supremes
Favourite Books
Ulysses, The Tale of Two Cities, All the Light We Cannot See
Favourite Games
Tetris and games of strategy
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox Live
Tools of the Trade
Computer, Paint, and Life
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