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Welcome to Marandians!

Greetings! Welcome to the Marandian breed group - we are so happy to have you! Feel free to snoop around and check out the horses - hopefully you will see something you like, and if you do, we would love for you to join us! Below you will find many links that will hopefully answer all your questions about the breed, its origins and mythology, as well as group rules. We want this breed to be highly enjoyable and obtainable by everyone, so there's no one missing out on the love these amazing horses have in their hearts.

Stay up to date with all things Marandian!

News: 2017 Group Announcements

Recent Updates: Monthly Theme introduced | Mutation sheets are being updated | Royal Horses | Sexy new page by Scutterbutt

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Breed owners: TuttibirdArts | kagetora4ever | Makoes
Breed Creator: Jian89
Geno and Foal Master: TuttibirdArts | kagetora4ever | Makoes
Registration Manager: Jegmadarka
CP System & Coin Bank Manager: Makoes
Allround Manager: TuttibirdArts
Designers: Scutterland | FireSkip | Heca-Bitch4Life

:new:December 24th:new:

Hi everyone!
I'm super, super sorry that we haven't had any updates for you in such a long time.
I can only say that life has been an entire mess, at least for me, but you know how it is. In a way I feel like I've failed you guys with how long we've left you hanging.
But I can say that sometime after New Years, I'll have some updates for you.
In the meantime, I do actually have something planned for you.
Our gift to you this year is a free import with a mutation of your choice. Also, if you so desire, you'll get a randomly rolled mutation from the discontinued list.

Comment for your Import -… :heart:

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


February 1st 2019

Long time to see guys!
First of all, I'm so, so sorry that there hasn't been any updates here for you to see and such.
I talked with Makoes and TuttibirdArts a while back about what we've been working on, and I wanted to share a bit of that with you guys.
But first I want to appologize for not having a Halloween and Christmas Event last year. Things were pretty stressful for me and I wasn't able to do them.

Back to the news!
                   As of right now, we don't have any events planned. If you'd like we could have some sort of Valentines Event. What I can think of for that would be like the one back in 2013,, so let me know if that would be of interest.
                   Besides that, I'm still working on a special event that would be run quarterly, or depending on interest and feedback, bi-monthly. I'll give you more on that later, as it's still in the planning phase and being put together.
                   What we can do though, is to have the "Birthday Event" renamed, and open it for you guys. The 3rd one didn't get any entries so we can still use it, and it'd still be a yearly event.

:bulletpurple:Moving Imports
                   You might have seen this, but we've been moving over the import designs to the admin account Marandian-Design to make it easier not just for us, but for you guys as well.

                   We've been working on updating mutation sheets, and making new ones for the recently added mutations.
                   There was a new set of lines in the works but currently we don't know how that's going. In regards to that, we thought about moving the designs onto the new lines, but that's all in the void, or so to speak, right now. So there's no need to worry about that.

:bulletpurple:Super Group
                   I'm pretty sure you've seen this, but we've lost the Super Group, but we have about half of the points needed to renew it from the sales we've had.
                   While I'm not 100% sure, we might still have some designs available from the Spring Sale if you guys want to look at that.

That's what I have for you currently, and I hope to hear from you guys as we want to bring the group back to the activity it had before.
Also, feel free to give us ideas and feedback as we'd love to hear from you.
I don't want any of you to feel like you can't talk to us, or be scared of us. We're all in the Marandian family together, and I want you guys' voices to be heard :heart:

With love


Hi guys! Sorry that there hasn't been much contact from us these last couple of months. Life has been hectic to say the least. But on a positive note, my own situation seems to be getting
better, so that's something at least :)
I've had this idea for a while, but since life has been in the way I haven't been able to fully flesh it out yet. But that's also where you guys come in.
While I've been gone, I've been planning for a show for you guys, and what's more is that it'll have a long deadline so there'll be no rush for anyone. AND it'll be available all year around.
What it is however, is still a secret, only I know what it is, and I'll tell you once I've finished everything for it, so be patient with me for a little longer ;)

Also, in regards to competitions. Since we didn't have any entries for the 3rd Birthday Event, I figured that we could also use that as a bit of a refresher (so to speak).
Since this would be the 6th year of the breed, I personally think it's more fitting to rename it to "The 1st Annual Marandian Show", or something like that anyway.
That's my thoughts on that at least, but I'm open to your thoughts about it as well.

At the moment, I don't think there's any other news.
So to wrap this up, I'm really sorry there hasn't been any communication going on lately, and I hope you all have a fantastic day!

All the love


Hi guys! Merry Christmas! As we didn't have a christmas even this year, I'm gonna do a little different thing this year. There will be gifts for you, and if you want you can donate slots that will be raffled off, it's completely optional. You can enter without donating a slot, no worries there. The gifts will be random but everyone will get something ;)
As I know everyone is probably busy, the gifts will be given on the 31st ^^
So if you want to enter, just reply to this comment, and if you want to donate a slot leave a link to the horse with your comment ^^
Comment here
Once again, Merry Christmas!



Hi guys, kage here! I also have to appologize for the silence and inactivity. I won't write it all here, but if you want to know how it was on my part, you can simply check my journals.
But onto what I'm here for now. In light of the Ecplise, as well as my birthday coming up on the 24th, I want to hold a small event for you guys. More details will follow in the journal,
as I'm currently writing it.
So stay tuned ;)



Hey everyone. I am really sorry about the long silence and inactivities. I am not usually one to voice personal troubles, so I'll keep this brief. In the very near future, a couple elder family member are going to die. The family is trying to stay strong, but it's not easy when it's time for good people to leave us. We are doing our part to provide help and support where we can.
Because of these personal events, I've had to put a lot of my art projects on hold, and I am really sorry to the people waiting for mimicry's, they were suppose to be done a long time ago! I will try to get them done ASAP, and I am REALLY sorry that I've made you all wait so long for them.



Hello Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well and having fun!
Just a reminder that we do have a Sale going on with multiple options, all points will go towards renewing our expired super group!
Marandian: Spring Horse Sales (Open)Marandian: Spring Horse Sales
The Weather has turned nice, and all the hard working breeders have come out to show their finest horses for sale.
There are straight up points :points: sales as well as points :points: auctions. All of these horses are starters, some are natural starters, some are mutation carriers and some express mutations (Natural and Magical available).
Please respond to the correct comment(s) with your purchase(s)/bid(s).
Only members of the Marandian group may purchase a horse, but fear not, membership is easy! Just click the [Join group] icon on the main page and you should be automatically accepted!
:bulletgreen: Points Auctions:
Double Rare Mutations + New Modifier SOLD
Bid Here:
1 New Modifier SOLD

Bid Here:
Rare Mutation Carrier SOLD

Bid Here: http://co

We would love to hear feed back on what people would like to see with the group as activity has been really low and we want to keep this group fun, but we can't do that if we don't get feed back. As always feel free to note the group, Makoes or kagetora4ever

For those waiting on mimicry's they will all be revealed in June!



Just giving everyone a heads up that the mimicry's are being worked on and will be revealed once all the designs are done. (a few are being tricky XD )



The Feb 27th Poll results are in:…
Some of these are going to be very challenging to do, but that's half the fun!



And the Companion Journal is written, take a look :D
Companion PetsCompanion Pets:
:bulletyellow: This in a new addition and the information may be tweaked as we work out any bugs or adjust due to feed back
Companion pets are little creatures that can accompany your Marandian(s) and provide them with perks. They come in various sizes and shape and can be acquired through several different ways. Unlike other group companions which are linked to an individual character, the majority of Marandian companions are linked to the owners account. Due to this, the way their perks work is different.
In order for the companions perk(s) to take effect, they must be drawn/written with the horse(s) who you wish to obtain the perk for. Please note most companions perks only work for the owners own horse(s) unless otherwise stated. In the event of breeding perks, they need to appear in the breeding image(s)/literature and both need to be linked in the breed note.  Similar to how items are linked.
Each companion pet has its own LOG where the names of those who hav



Congratulations to PinkLionArt for winning the Group Icon contest!! Please note the group for you're prize :D We hope everyone enjoys the new group icon!

The first companions have been uploaded and the Companion journal will be posted tomorrow with (hopefully) all the information about how they work. We encourage any and all feed back on any changes made.

.:Companion:. Winter (Glass) Horn by Marandian-Design .:Companion:. Howling Pingu Piper by Marandian-Design .:Companion:. Winter Whisper by Marandian-Design



Hello Everyone and welcome to 2017!

I hope everyone had a Fun (and safe) New Years.

Over 2016, the Admins have been hard at work behind the scenes for how we want to move forward with the group. We have been working really hard on some wonderful things that will be revealed as the final concepts and applications are smoothed out and we value all your feedback!

We are working on a new in depth back story, lore and origin world for the Marandian breed and the creatures/people found there.

New activities are in the works that we are very excited to share with you.
Companion pets
to name a few.

Actually, a few of you have already completed a Quest ;)
and you're rewards will be coming soon!

Journals are also being combed through to smooth out or correct any errors, and the re-upload of import sheets to the admin account Marandian-Design is at about ~40%. This in itself is a long process which will then require all the information to be updated, and logs done. We will make another announcement on that once it is completed, at that time all links on references for import design and/or in lineage will be requested to change to these re-uploads. (you are more then welcome to do that now if you see you're horse(s) import has been uploaded already.

There has been two notable changes made to some current journals recently:

Group Mutation Horse Project *All Art slots now have a time frame for the art to be completed. It was felt that it was unfair for members to request slots for art, and then not do the art...this prevented other members from access to those options. All Group Horse art slots now have "One Year" to be completed.
All Currently marked down art slots must be completed by January 1st of 2018 Future slots will be one year from their marked down date.

I hope this change is understandable.

Secondly, is a change to Reference images:

Marandian registration and ownership transfer

A new section has been added regarding Gem effects on reference sheets. Minor Gem effects are allowed provided they do not obscure the design, and that the gems themselves are shown. More in depth information on this can be found in the journal.

As always we are very open and eager to hear feedback from you members, on any changes, ideas you have, things you want to see. You can always leave a comment, or send the group a note :)

More Journal Entries


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Harleyloveme2039 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this group still going? If so, I'd love to get involved!
kagetora4ever Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Super sorry for the late reply!
We're still going, but it's somewhat of a semi-hiatus. We have things planned but life has gotten a bit in the way ^^;
ElunaTalnae Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
How do I apply items and such to my horses?
kagetora4ever Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
It would depend on the item :)
Which one were you thinking about?
ElunaTalnae Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Extra Slot, and I have a twin potion too.  I have a regular import too. 
kagetora4ever Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
For extra slot you send a note to the group with the horse you want it applied to, and then add it to the reference
after it's been confirmed.
Twin potions are used when you send in a breeding request.
Regular import is just to send a note with the color you'd like so you can get the correct geno and an ID for the
design you'll either make yourself, ask someone else to design or take to the design corner of the group.
Hope this was helpful for you :hug:
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Still looking for one of my own xD
Makoes Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There is also the Newbie sales
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If you'd like you can breed two of mine ;)
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