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Meridian by Makoes, literature

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Is this group still going? If so, I'd love to get involved!
Hi! Super sorry for the late reply!
We're still going, but it's somewhat of a semi-hiatus. We have things planned but life has gotten a bit in the way ^^;
How do I apply items and such to my horses?
It would depend on the item :)
Which one were you thinking about?
Extra Slot, and I have a twin potion too.  I have a regular import too. 
For extra slot you send a note to the group with the horse you want it applied to, and then add it to the reference
after it's been confirmed.
Twin potions are used when you send in a breeding request.
Regular import is just to send a note with the color you'd like so you can get the correct geno and an ID for the
design you'll either make yourself, ask someone else to design or take to the design corner of the group.
Hope this was helpful for you :hug:
Still looking for one of my own xD