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The Lionjack King

I submitted a version of this to Equestria Daily to see if they can use it as a header. Applejack looks so darn adorable in her lion costume that I decided to put her in my favorite Disney movie. This is the longest I've spent drawing a background (and foreground) for fanart, and I'm pleased with the results.
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Its the circle of life!~🎵
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I love the reference. It's certainly quite fitting.
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Heheh, this is cute and cool.

I couldn't watch this episode! I can't find the complete episode on YouTube at all! PLEASE HELP MEEEE~!!
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Sorry, I can't help you. I didn't get a chance to watch it either. I don't have cable, and by the time I found out about the leak it was already taken off youtube. Didn't get a chance to watch the stream either. :(
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Yeah, I can already hear the song that goes with it ;).

AJ's costume really did steal the episode in "Scare Master" if you ask me. That kind of adorableness does that though.
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Was waiting for someone to do this :D (Big Grin) great job!
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Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Oh I just can't wait to be queen.Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U 
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It's Best Pony as Best Disney Film!
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Yes...just yes. :worship: revamp :worship: revamp :worship: revamp 
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