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The Last Stand
Matthew Estate
Outside Angel Falls
A loud explosion just outside the last gate between the estate and the Reich. META Troopers setting up make shift barricades to bottleneck incoming soldiers, manning turrets....preparing for the worst. Only 50 were what stood between what could only be considered a sizable force from the Reich. LT. Carson greeted Commander Baily as he left exited the building. Baily patched through to Kal, Darvin and managed to get Sean on the line as well to hear the report.
"What do we got?" Baily asked
"A god damn regiment! 2500 boots, all heavily armed and they got a about a platoon  worth of power-armor wearing fuckers!" Carson yelled over the constant bombardment.
"They're nothing if not determined." Kal interjected.
"No shit....Kal, Darvin where are you currently? Sean asked.
"I'm tearing ass to get back to the estate, we were rather lucky with personnel. we're at about 90% active." Darvin responded
"We're about 3 minutes out." Kal
:iconmaragrizx:MaragrizX 17 7
The Prodigy and The Twins Pt. 2
Matthews Estate
Outlying County of Angel Falls
"We're approaching, Ma'am." Skips said preparing to land. Nills got on the comms with to clear the landing.
"Tower, this is Med-VAC 1, we are on apporch."
"Rodger that Med-VAC 1, you are clear to land and medical team is standing by.......welcome home." The tower operator responded, sounding rather young.
Located a few miles outside the city limits, The Matthews Estate  sits upon a 3 square mile plot of land of rather thick forest and rocky terrain. The Estate itself looked more like a fort than an actual residence with elevated levels and walls. At the summit, The main house of 20,000 square feet and barracks of 10,000 square feet. The Albatross began it's decent.
"Approaching halo-pad , switching to vertical." Skips said to Nills as she flipped a few switches. Followed by a sudden jerk of the ship as the twin engines realigned themselves  to a vertical position.
"Beginning decent..." Nills replied," 60 meters....
:iconmaragrizx:MaragrizX 9 4
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The Prodigy and The Twins :iconmaragrizx:MaragrizX 9 7
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New Leadership
Guardian HQ
Angel Falls
It had been an eventful past few months for The Guardians and the city of Angel Falls. Tonight was an all-hands meeting. Everyone was to attend: Active, Reserve (public and private), and support. As well as the Young Guardians and even the Gudari showed up. The meeting covered the past few months events, Hypercon, reports, and finally: The election of Mindy and the impact it would mean on the Guardians.
“So, as you are all aware. Our very own Mindy Marvel is to become the new Mayor of Angel Falls.” Gen. Bardak stated, and then the sound of clapping and whistles soon followed. The General then motioned with his hand to claim everyone down.” This also creates an issue: Mindy will be busy with her duties as mayor and the return of Thunderbird still questionable. The leadership of this group has suffered due to it. So in order to lighter the workload of myself and the rest of our team leaders, we will be introducing a new member tonight that will b
:iconmaragrizx:MaragrizX 12 36
It's offical
Angel Towers, Mathro-Industries HQ
Angel Tower's lobby: With it's white marble and sandstone, 45 foot high walls and front windows, massive corporate logo in the center, and fountains it looked a modern version of the Roman Pantheon. Which was why Matthew Williams picked it for the press conference.
There was a simple stage set up with a podium with 6 rows of folding chairs filled with reporters and to the right was a catering service with various breakfast items. Kelly Montenelly, approched the podium.
"Good morning everyone, I would like to thank-you on behave of Mathro-Industries for coming out and would like to introduce our President/Chairman and CEO, Matthew Williams." Kelly then stepped to the right clapping as Mr. Williams approached the podium.
"Good morning, members of the press, and anyone simply looking to duck out of work and looking to get some free catering this morning."
A laugh from the crowd.
"It's been a few years since I first came to Angel Falls to give Mathro-Indu
:iconmaragrizx:MaragrizX 9 10
Entering the race
Angel Falls
From his estate in North Bay, Matthew Williams leaning against the marble railing of the rear balcony, overlooking the water. Admiring the sunset and gripping a glass of scotch, his thoughts turned away from Hypercon and to the latest political state of the city. Just moments before, The business mogul learned of the impeachment of Mayor Donovan and what this ment for the city.
Mr. Williams couldn't care less as to what would happen to the disgraced mayor.
May Times, he proposed certain projects to the city but only get stonewalled by those with "vested interest" in Donovan, more specifically the cities coffers.
"Enjoy club FED, asshole." Williams muttered to himself before taking a drink.
Just then,one of the House Droids approached Williams.
"Sir,you have a call from Mr. Jason Hanson."
"Put him through,"Matt requested,"Jason,what can I do for you."
"Wasnt sure if you were in, or with...or with that Sweedish model."
"Tonight? No....And she's Swiss."
"Riiiiight.....I'm gues
:iconmaragrizx:MaragrizX 10 7


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I got tagged...TWICE! Oh wait......THREE TIMES!!!


1- Post these rules.
2- Post 8 facts about your character.
3- Tag other 8 characters.
4- Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

I'm gonna do this in one shot. First up is :iconlevi-k-whitney:'s, Sean Matthews.

1. Sean is the eldest son of Jack "Ultra-Man" Matthews and Kimberly "Ultra-Femme" Matthews. He was tank breed instead of the traditional way along with his twin sisters. Some think they're triplets, they are not. Sean was born 4 months before his sisters due in large part to the tanks only being able to hold one subject at a time.

2. Sean's attitude is that of any typical Arion male: Cocky, arrogant and rather pig-headed (think Sterling Archer minus the mommy/daddy issues)

3. Despite his demeanor, Sean is very smart and loves to learn. He has a 2 year degree from Angel Falls Community College and a 4 year degree in Engineering and is currently working on a 2 year degree at AFIT.

4. Sean's Arion Biology gives him a great advantage when it comes to learning. His brain is able to process and recall information very efficently. Along with the fact Arions have telepathy that allow the communication of complex thoughts without having to speak. His nervous system can also pick up on eletro impulses in the air as well as those traveling through someone else's body. For example, Sean can see the electrical pulses traveling to the persons hand that might be about to throw a punch. This gives him his almost instantaneous reaction times.

5. However, his nervous system is also his greatest weakness. Like the rest of his people, Sean is very weak against electricity, especially artificially created electricity. The High sensitivity of their nervous systems can easily be throw out of balance. Where bullets can be shrugged off or even a tank shell. Something like a taser or a cattle prod could kill him. Magic is another weakness due to how it throws off interference.

6. Sean is a notorious lothario and it has gotten him into trouble more than once. His conquests are numerous and often. Which ladies you might ask........all of them, according to Sean. No matter how crazy it might be, it just might be true thanks to his Arion biology once again giving off a potent pheromone. His charm helps as well.

7. Along with his studies, he trains with his dad and his mother. He now teaches his sisters.....or tires to. One day he hopes to become an instructor with his Aunt, Lady Liberty with The Guardians.

8. He loves Spaghetti.


Next up, :iconsouthernnerd:'s, Ultra-Man.

1. The Ultra-Man persona wasn't created by Jack Matthews. It was in fact created by......Steve.

2. One of the first major fights Ultra-Man was in was against The Siege along with Mindy Marvel, Ms. Blitzen, and Prodigy.

3. Ultra-Man worked with The Guardians before he officially stepped in after Mindy retired but wasn't a member before hand. He then assumed the roll of Operations Chief dealing with many things from reviewing the Young Guardian training program and watch bill coordinator. He doesn't get to patrol as mush since these duties keep him in the office a lot.

4. But despite the office work, Ultra-Man will jump into the action if the situation calls for it and he feels the situation is over his Guardians heads. Ultra-Man can be rather protective of his subordinates and will fight a dangerous opponents himself to allow his teammates to retreat or regroup.

5. But Ultra-Man is rather strong and can take on just about anything that comes his way. Being able to lift 100 tons, fly at speeds of Mach 10, and being able to create an energy blast that could turn the planet to dust. There's not a whole lot this guy can't handle.

6. Ultra-Man is one of the only Alpha-Class Meta's to wear armor. And he does for a reason. The plates are comprised of Metallic Glass, one of the strongest substances on the planet. It also has electrical conductivity properties. So it can help deflect his biggest weakness. Along with the energy barriers he can put up, He is never without a weapon or some form of defense.

7. His energy blast are quite powerful. His strongest being The Ultra Collider. Where he attacks an opponent by hurtling at them at just under the speed of light and a well charged energy barrier. He hits his target with the force of close to 200 mega tons of force. But the move is very impractical due to the long charge time and the speed needed. Plus, anything he would be trying to save.....would be obliterated along with the threat.

8. On top of his super powers, Ultra-Man knows a variety of Martial Arts. From Kempo to Akido and Arion Martial Arts Like Kyo-Voo (their version or Krav Maga)


And finally, :icondagame2578:'s, Kimberly Matthews

1. Kimberly doesn't have parents. She's the culmination of nearly a century of work done by Jack's mother, Kimmeila Van, to create the perfect Arion Female. She used the traits of the best the Empire had to offer. Kimmeila's work was on the ship that abducted baby Jack and clash landed on Earth. Omni-Corp recoverd the materials and began work on creating the prefect killer. The name 'Kimberly' was of the head reserchers daughter that had tragically died of cancer years before. There were plenty of failed attempts but Kimberly was the first real success.

2. Upon awakening, she attacked the team and killed all but one, Dr. Jonas Andrews. It was not because Kimberly sparred him, It was for the timley interference from Jack Matthews. From then on, Kimberly became attached to Jack.

3. Kimberly was very combative during the early days and often injured her handlers. It wasn't until Jack was requested to help and calim her down did she finally begin to cooperate.

4. After Jack left Omni-Corp. Kimberly began to fall back into her old habbits. It was then she was rescued by another Meta Human by the name of Ultraviolet. She then molded Kimberly into something more and became her first true friend since Jack.

5. Kimberly eventually made her way to Angel Falls and tracked down Dr. Andrews. Andrews still had his Omni-Corp connections and was able to obtain DNA samples of Jack to create offspring. Kimberly had originally planned on artificially incriminating herself and carrying the children herself but Dr. Andrews mentioned he could obtain equipment to incubate the embryos and bring them to turn.

6. About six months after her children were "born". Kimberly had managed to track down Jack......she had planned on killing him......They were married about 6 months later and haven't really fought since.

7. Kimberly decided to adopt the "Ultra-Femme" persona after Jack adopted his Ultra-Man one. While Kimberly's powers are similar to Jacks, Her energy based attacks are far more powerful than Jack's. As well as her speed and agility excced his.

8. Kimberly isn't a big fan of clothes for whatever reason. Weather it's her hardwired Arion way of thinking, her time spent with Ultraviolet or the only time she was wearing clothes was in the field with Omni-Corp outside of her containment room, or just so she has more room in her closet for shoes. No one really knows. Jack or the kids practically have to make sure she's dressed before having guests over or she leaves the house. Although, Katie and Brie do the same, they aren't as bad.


1.:iconpumpmonger: Red

2.:iconmangrowing:  Almendra, AKA the surfer girl

3.:iconwilldial:'s Melina

4.:iconkristkatt: Katt

5.:iconpathetic-virgin: Raging Bull

6.:iconteri-minx: Tiamat

7.:iconzaftigbunnypress: Penny

8.:icondarkhound: Cinthia

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