Why all that black and white?

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Many you might wonder why I am posting my pictures pretty much always in black and white. I know that these days it seems to be a bad habit to do so. All that "I want my pictures to look artsy" and whatnot.

Well the reason why I am doing so is very easy.

First of, I believe that colors do distract you from what is essential in photographs. A photography is all about feelings, emotions if you want, a moment in time to be captured. When I (and I suppose it's at lease somewhat similar for other people) look at a color picture, I am looking at the color balance and different other features of the picture, while I am missing the essential bits. So, posting in black and white allows me to show what I saw, without all the useless colors - for they aren't necessary to transmit the feeling I might have had when I took the picture.

Secondly, I have always liked the melodramatic feeling every media in black and white rises in me. I often like movies (old ones mostly - go figure) probably just because they have been shot in black and white.

Last point I'd like to make. See black and white as a shortcut to see the "plastic beauty" (I hope that's a somewhat accurate translation from the german "plastische Schönheit").

N.B. Now, I am conscious that technically the pictures aren't black and white but grayscale.
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Hmmm... it is interesting to read your journal. I have a preference for monochromatic work... one of my favorite photographers was Margaret Burke-White. As I am writing this I realize that the majority of my gallery is left in color, despite my preference.

Anyway, your work is beautiful!