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Now whoever is able to explain this to me gets a cookie.

I am, in all honesty, wondering what has happened yesterday to my visitors number.

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Well, fair enough, I might have had so many visits or page impressions; alright. But how come that nobody left a comment, and that - even more importantly - none of those visits seem to have been counted on the "front page - page views".

I am totally lost about what this means. Anybody interested or up to enlightening me? :p

Remember, there is a cookie to be taken ;-)
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Could be that's when you put up a new pic, and said pic was seen by many on the "New arts" section of DevArt (ie, the browsing section) and people clickied upon it, and you got mega hits, but nobody checked you main page, and nobody felt like commenting! :) could be aliens.

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But I didn't put up a new picture. Nor did I do anything at all. Haven't even been active lately as I've been pretty busy.

It may be that somebody linked to a picture of mine somewhere. Who knows ;-)

Thanks for the reply though.
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THAT'S probably it...some chick who takes nekkid photos of herself and has a ton of hits faved or linked one of your pics...has to be it...


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Now, I guess you've got a good point there ;-)