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By maradong
Oh well, you definitely have heart of it, read of it, many of you may even have written their part in this tagging game... In all honesty though, I have never really gotten a grip of why people seem to like such games.

It may be the exhibitionist tendencies of some, it might be something entirely different as well. It may be that most of the people participating do not want to break the chain of events - the chain of the game - the ever recurring need to participate in something so many people have participated in before. Hell I don't know.

I am not easily captured - which means that I most of the time do not participate in such things. Anyhow. Let's say I am doing an effort to try to do what people seem to expect of me - and jump over my shadow.

Let's for the sake of all this copy the rules:

  • The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly.
  • In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names.
  • Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their devpage comments and tell them to read yours!

  1. I am pretty weird most of the time, got interested nobody seems to understand. I do for instance like, read alot about, and can remember most of the different facts about vampire mythology.
  2. I absolutely love to race cars. I really love to. I am by no means a good driver. Well, at least I wouldn't qualify myself as such. I mean, I so far never had an accident, nor did I kick a bumper or anything. My car is in a perfect condition. Anyhow. Another silly fact. I am however respecting some rules. Never to drive too fast when I got people with me, and never to drive to fast in villages or cities. I can accept if I hit a tree, or somebody else for that matter hits a tree on an empty country road, but risking other peoples life is just irresponsible.
  3. I try to see the beauty in things people go by without even noticing them. In my free time I can stare into the sky and observe the clouds for their sheer beauty only. Reflections, shadows and the like have a similar effect on me.
  4. I read an awful lot. At certain points in time when I don't have to hang over some books for the university, I may hit 2000 to 3000 pages a week. Basically I read for at least 3 hours a day. And while I like some thriller books as a recreational break, what I happen to read most are books on politics, poetry,  computer science (different aspects of) and philosophy. If you would like to know, I can give you a list of the things I liked best so far. I doubt thought that anybody is reading this - so what the heck :p
  5. Woah, It's starting to get difficult to find some silly things I do. Or things that are exceptional. Perhaps maybe that I am interested by modern history as well. I mean, I am technically not very well informed when it comes to whether the old greeks ate with their right or left hand, but I'd go ahead and claim that I know quite a deal of what happened since the early 1900's. I'm particularly interested in the arabic world, and south-eastern asia.
  6. In all honesty I can't think of anything right at the moment. If you dare or are truly interested. Check the comments on this thing. I might add the last point at some point in time.

    [Update]Ah, I found something to inform you about. I am a bloody fatalist - and this I am in all aspects of everyday and non-everyday life.

Something more: Would you mind, just leaving a comment if you read this? I mean, it will show me whether it is worth to write anything in my DA Journal or not. So far I am totally unsure whether there is anybody readying my sequence of characters. :p Please. It won't cost you much, and I'll know that some people are reading this.

And no. Even though I participated in so far that I told you something about me - at some point in time this has to stop. Which basically means that I won't tag anybody. Go ahead and slain me if you want.
© 2006 - 2021 maradong
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Allow me to be the second person to acknowledge reading your journal, though tagging responses are not as interesting as what a journalist may come up with at random to share....
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:chainsaw: you dare to! not tagging is like... like... ah well ok then, at least you wrote something ;) you're still accepted by teh almightay taggin communitay =p
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He, well.

As you see, a whole lot of people have read what I have written. You can tell so by counting the number of comments. It's truely amazing.