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There we are. After me telling everybody that I would start to be more active on deviantART in the near future, the some pictures I have uploaded so far have lit a fire (a fire of urge - that is ;-)) to become a part of the community.

As the offer in itself isn't that expensive, I went ahead and bought a subscription. Some, or to be way more exact, one question remains however. What on earth do the different "signs" in front of the user names represent. While I was quite sure for some time that a "~" would designate a "normal" member, and a "*" somebody who subscribed to deviantART, the "=" in front of my user name leaves me in the dark.

Well, if somebody could come up with some information on that particular topic, I'd be very grateful.

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SOMEWHERE on this website it explains it all, but basically you have such things as:

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And possibly more. BTW, nice gallery. I decided to do some browsing. :)

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Ah, well thank you.

I've tried to get some information on this. FAQ isn't very precise (doesn't tell you anything on this matter if I am not mistaken), searching for the different prefixes is somewhat difficult, "escaping" the *, = or ~ may work, but there is no way to eliminate the rest of the username as far as I know.

So, thank you for your help. :)