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Tools: 3dsmax 2008, Photoshop CS2
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Nice creation.
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This is exquisite!
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She looks like she's falling. It is amazing.
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kill me before my eyes die...
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Stupid Lag.
Is this Rinoa?
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Dude, my sister showed me this and holy mother of art this good.
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Added this to favorites: Your drawings are just AMAZING! 
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Wow, did you creat it in 3dsmax? I'm starting to use Blender, do you know? 3dsmax is better? I really love you pic!! It's perfect, perfect! ♥
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Thanks :bucktooth:, it's very old.
Yeah, it is 3dsmax. Currently I use Maya, but not because it's better, it's because it is required by many studios and I should know this. Each program has pros and cons, you can do the exact same thing in all the programs but in different ways, so it is impossible to determine which program is better.
I've never worked in a blender, but I know that this is also a great program and if you are happy with the tools that it gives you, then you do not need to think about something else =).
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Oh, thank you so much! I heard about Maya, it looks awesome! Thank you for the information, I know a little of Blender, so I think I'll keep with it xD Thank you! But in the future, I hope to learn 3dsmax and maya =D
ok stupid question. Do you create this from scratch?
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emm I don't know what is the scratch. It was done in 3ds max.
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Thank you for your comments! =) :heart:
I am a H-U-G-H fan. Your art draws me in. Beautiful work!
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U have gr8 Looking works :3
They Look so nice.
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This has been featured in my journal!

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Beautiful combination of 3dmax and Photoshop. The tears streaming from the eye are especially beautiful. Love the high contrast of the hair and background with the blue eye and the red of the lips. You put in some amazing detail on the face and contrasted it well with the background. Just enough blur to not steal my attention right off, but the light sparkles, or flakes captured my interest after exploring her face. Its a sad piece, but her slight smile is intriguing. The direction of the tears and hair makes me think she is falling away from something and leaving a bit of herself behind. Perhaps willfully. A little painful to watch. Well done.

You gallery is filled with some exceptionally beautiful and intriguing characters. Keep up the good work. Good luck with your studies. You obviously work very hard or were born extremely talented. My guess is a little of both. :j
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This is absolutely beautiful.:heart:
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It's so touching.
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