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After all

By Mar-ka
Fan art again.
Actually I am not the fan of anime serials, but Chrono Crusade really touched me.
Here Chrono and the Rosette after all that with them happens. I tried to draw them in realistic style but it has appeared difficult enough.

I know about foreshortenings it not correctly but I do not have forces and time for alteration ((((
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awh my gosh the part made me cry so much <3 yet it's so heartwarming! love it!!
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This is beautiful! And so cute! <3
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Aaah! I'm screaming because I never have looked for Chrno Crusade, and when I clicked on this I didn't recognize the people but it looked beautiful...Then to hear that this is Rosette and Chrono and in their last moments /crying

It's so beautiful. After watching the show, I thought I might like to go that way.
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Just beautiful... you made rosette look pretty;)
I love love love love LOVE it;)!!!
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this is soooo beautiful!
PisceanChic101's avatar
There's just something magically beautiful about this pic.
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Wow, everything about it is perfect

the coloring , the way its drawn everything is amazing :O, i just love it
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I think I'm in love with this <3
one word! wonderful!
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absolutely gorgeous!!!
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What a beautiful art *________________* Have no words))
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Wonderful, this is the most beautyful fanart Iever seen!!!
AngelYuNarukami's avatar
Beautiful! Simply gorgeous, you did a wonderful job!
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i love chrono crusade!!!!!
reily-the-hedgehog's avatar
Как..как красиво...ти молодец у меня просто нет слов
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This is, honestly, one of my favorite pictures of Chrono and Rosette. I really hope you've read the manga, since (I believe) you said you watched the anime. If you haven't, the manga is very good and, so far as I've seen, most peoples' favorite out of the two (myself included).
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Gosh, that anime was so frickin sad...

I really love this piece. The coloring is great and I love their expressions!
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oh, I love Chrono Crusade..
The manga made me cry..
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Aww I love Chrono and Rosette and you did such a beautiful job of them both, it's amazing!
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Very beautiful! Chrono Crusade is so touching! This is the prettiest fan art I've seen this far. :D Really wonderful work! *-*
It's percety made! :heart:
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thanks a lot :) :D
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