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Simba Pen Drawing

By Maquenda
Pen drawing of Simba. Or something. xD
I'm done with my exaaaaamssss YAAAY *happy*! :'D So now I have vacation. Prepare for more art, less boring than this though, I hope. :P I will do more commissions I think. ^^ w00t.

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Spigos's avatar
That is really beautiful!
littleriversong's avatar
Did this come from your imagination? o_o It's amazing, either way. Wonderful detail~
Maquenda's avatar
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SnowBumbee's avatar
Ooooh wow ! O_o This is so brilliant ! The way you've done the head, the fur, the shading ! It's perfect ! :la: Beautiful work !
Maquenda's avatar
Aww thank you <3 haha this one is old :P
superhorse1999's avatar
Geese, this is freaking amazing!!
XxHeatherBearX's avatar
Geezus! This is sooo better than anything i could eva do!!!!
ArtsyMaria's avatar
Dang! that's pen! Wow! it looks beautiful! I wish I had the skills!
VegasST's avatar
eines der besten bilder ever o.o
FerianMoon's avatar
I just artgasmd looking at this D8 Awesome
mirta08's avatar
I love how you managed to make the picture realistic but still look like Simba :) Awesome job!
caycowa's avatar
Just with a pen? Holy. :heart:
Ryuno-san's avatar
Awwww so gorgeousss <3 I adore your style so much and the anatomy looks perfect <3
Maquenda's avatar
Aww thanks <33 =D
SocksFox's avatar
I cant belive this is pen!!! just plain ballpoint?
Maquenda's avatar
yes ballpoint! and i knowww XD I wanna cuddle him X3
SocksFox's avatar
thats awesome! every time I try to use ballpoint pen it smears everywhere and comes out in stupid clumps... maybe its just the brand I use though :/

*hugs computer since I cant hug simba*
NekoYoukaii's avatar
Nice. Head is simply amazing.
raevenilonka's avatar
you're getting better and better with anatomy!
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