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From Stardust To Stardust

From Stardust To Stardust

Inked version :D Will add a more refined background later. I would like this on a shirt too pretty please 8D
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consoling or terrifying, can't make up my mind.
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We don't know the day when we were created.

We don't know the day when we have to let go.

We just only need to live within our time and place of existence.
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this is good, but sad at the same time.
Bear Emoji-33 (Sad) [V2] 
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Why does this make me want to cry? :cry:
really lovely depiction. A+

I remember watching a lovely documentary on youtube about the future timeline of the universe, and how everything disintegrates and evaporates into nothing, from every star, particle of matter, to even black holes. its so sad, and yet it was so peaceful at the end of time somehow, when there was truly nothing left. you kinda reminded me of that with this i guess.

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*sighs* Beautiful...
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You put me in extasy, in an unnamed emotion that i can describe only by this expression :
"Philosophical Orgasm".

It's noble, pure, cosmic but cannot be described.
You touch unknown realities, non reachables by senses...

Who are you ?
Do you come from this world ? Giggle 

With all my respect.Heart 
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Have you thought of a mobius?
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How do I do that :)
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If you cut a 3-4 cm strip off a piece of paper. Hold the strip in either hand, twist the strip once and join the two ends with a piece of tape. If you follow the surface now it no longer has two sides, it now has a single side that goes forever. If you draw your stardust illustration on the strip when it is flat and put it back together again than your illustration goes round and round. You now only need one star.
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When you look at the smaller thumbnail for this image in the watch notices page, the upright image looks like a figure.
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Incredible cyclical piece. I love that it's in b&w since life begins in the womb, that has no light until birth and then death has no light until stars and stardust. It's just a really thoughtful piece :) Stellar job (okay pun intended with stellar haha) 
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Aww thank you so much!!!! <3 
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You are very welcome!! :>
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It seems she was only awake for a short while...
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Life is just briefly isnt it :)
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Gotta use that time wisely!
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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust owo
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How are you so amazing  Nuu Nuu Nuu 
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this would make a killer tattoo, i love this concept
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Soo true, specialy on the back; Mr. Maquenda do we have permission to do that!?
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:didyoucall:  Did someone say stardust?!
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wtf this is beautiful
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