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Take Flight

By Maqqy96
Trying to get myself in an artistic mood to work on some commissions, I dragged out this image I had been working on for awhile.

This was one of the potential armor designs for Maeko 10.0, but I canned it. I still like it, but I liked the other design so much better.

PS: People have been asking me what programs/tablet I use to create all this art. Go ahead and look through my entire gallery, as well as whatever is here on Deviant Art. Guess what?

It's all done with a mouse.

EDIT: Prints available [link]
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Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Ahhh, flight capable, and a knife fighter, andthing notable abvout those blades?
SeEun402's avatar
That is some real talent to master the mouse. I can't even master my own handwriting. :XD:
Maqqy96's avatar
Oddly enough, my handwriting is so awful sometimes even I can't read it.
SeEun402's avatar
Yet your coloring with a mouse is amazing.
chaotic-state's avatar
Wow. You and my former roommate both use mice for your art, but you've definitely done a much better job of mastering it!!

I love the way you handled the color in the hair :)
victortky's avatar
very nice pose and armour, love the colours and the blades.
Curlyro's avatar
What the shit?! A MOUSE?!

... damn.
Maqqy96's avatar
You already knew that! Remember at Colossalcon? I used your tablet and told you it was only the second time I'd ever used one. XD

And I used it to draw boobies and pee-pees all over the screen!
Curlyro's avatar
HA. DUR. Still. It's amazing. :O
Vallie's avatar
A mouse!? You've been drawing with a mouse all this time??

Is this your preference, or you just don't like using tablets & stuffs?
Maqqy96's avatar
I've only used a tablet twice in my life. Both of them belonged to friends. I've honestly just been too cheap/stubborn to go get one! I've pretty much mastered the mouse though.
Paipar's avatar
That is a pretty cool design. Not to mention i'm always a fan of twinblades.

That was done with a mouse? Very impressive.
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