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Mega Man OC Meme - WIP

By Maqqy96
Well, I've been plugging away at this since January, and it's now almost June. I figured it was time to post SOMETHING. I always want to do these memes, but since I work with a mouse (yeah, that's right!) it's much harder to get one done. So I decided to hand-draw all the pictures, upload them, and then color them. It's going slowly, and I probably wont get them all colored for awhile, but at least it's almost done.

Link to Blank Meme: [link]
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This kinda makes me wanna pick up a pencil and pad again; looks like it could be entertaining. ... But yeah, that's probably not gonna happen. >_>
RBL-M1A2Tanker's avatar
Progress is progress! :D
HauntedBreaker's avatar
That 12 year old has some monster cans
Maqqy96's avatar
It comes with being a reploid ^_^
HauntedBreaker's avatar
i dunno even know what this is! :P
Zeag's avatar
I love it. That's one of the most original OC of the list; please finish it!
Twardz's avatar
lol, 4 blank panels.
Vallie's avatar
Finally we get to see some liveliness from Maeko!
Its great to see more development in these things as your art is always fun to look at!
Paipar's avatar
haha, pretty cool so far. Love how clean your lines are. That is something I fail quite hard with..
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