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Maeko 10.0

By Maqqy96
Maeko's updated form. I love how the pose turned out in this one.

EDIT: Prints available [link]
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claw7705's avatar
hmm, wonder what it would look like with more neon
rafak9's avatar
reminds me of megaman x in battle network
Viking-otaku's avatar
Nice pose, nice character, nice colours.. Nice:heart:^^
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Nice, a bitr of a vulnerability in the armour design but it suits her, just what can that getup do?
Dr-Serafimovski's avatar
like the pose.... really nice work :D
Curlyro's avatar
*whistles* That top is just plain sexy.
HeartlessPuppet's avatar
Pose looks lovely. Love it. C:
crazed-fangirl's avatar
Heh heh - Who's she winking at? I expect to see some dude off-camera gatting a massive hentai nosebleed.
Rhythm-Wily's avatar
I love this pose! It's very sexy!
WhiteRoseBrian's avatar

Get a load of this!

chaotic-state's avatar
The pose is a lot of fun, here. I love how shiny you make the hair! One of the shoulders seems a little low, but the composition is great and the lively colors help generate a lot of interest in the already-wonderful line work :) Great job
Vallie's avatar
Ah so it is Maeko 10.0~!
As you mentioned about the pose it came out really well done!
Hibbe's avatar

You were supposed to use her on the FR!

*shakes fist*
Maqqy96's avatar
I wanted to ;___; But I just can't seem to RP anymore!
Hibbe's avatar
Try harder!

We the people believe in you!

wolf3fenrir's avatar
i really like your characters design. ^_^ good job.
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