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DSM - Wallpaper

By Maqqy96
Well, after becoming bored out of my mind, I begin surfing 4-chan. I browse around, end up in the wallpaper's section, and what do I see? A Drunken Sailor Moon wallpaper. It was obviously cut from my older colored version, and was of terrible quality.

So, I relsolved myself. Most people know who did the original, and those that don't, they don't care. As such, I'm not too worried about it being stolen (though if it is, please let me know). As such, I decided to stop being so over-protective and make a large, high-quality wallpaper of my own. And I posted it there.

And now I post it here. So here it is: My most over-used image, soon to be available in poster form.
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© 2007 - 2021 Maqqy96
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EmeraldCoastCosplay's avatar
I bought an 8x10 print of this from you WAY BACK in 2009(ish) at a convention in Florida called "Anime South". It's still framed and hanging on my wall today! Whenever I have friends over, they always comment on it. lol

I collect a lot of artwork, and this is still one of my favorite pieces! :D
Maqqy96's avatar
OMG! Anime South! I only sold there the one time! I'm glad the image still brings you and your friends joy ^__^
rudeboy308's avatar
Gotta have the wallpaper version of this awesome piece.
Streled's avatar
Forget the hentai and rule34, I want her like that!:happybounce::heart:~
While you do some comic strips of her?
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Unfortunately, probably not. I just don't have time for more comics...
Streled's avatar
You have done comics?! Can I see them?
Maqqy96's avatar
Sure. In my gallery, you can see both comics I work on; Maq #041 and Fantastibad. If you prefer to look at them on their own sites, they can be found on the following links. Hope you enjoy them!

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REV6Pilot's avatar
Damn, I wonder why I laughed so hard at this!
spoosh's avatar
lol after seeing your new one I just had to come to come back and view the classic ^_^
naniii's avatar
OMG plx make more drunk sailormoon stuff so funny
LaLaBOWS's avatar
aww I love it!!
quamp's avatar
Darn. I was hoping she'd be a romantic drunk. :XD:

Very nice picture.
gothic-lollipop's avatar
haha, i love this XD
TwinkleMagic's avatar
That's amazing! I lol'd SO hard!
345rv5's avatar
she is a acholicic,i knew it.XD
yoman3000's avatar
lmao i love it
yunas-guardian's avatar
In my mind
she is speaking in a manly British accent
SiriusWeil's avatar
I still remember this one... how long has it been since then? xDD
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