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Welcome to MapsAndFlags

Hi there fellow artists!

This group is made for everyone who loves to create alt-hist maps, regular maps, fantasy maps, sci-fi maps as well as flags, coas and similar artwortk of any sort! Share your artwork as an inspiration for others, for exchange or even tutorials to help others getting started. We´re looking foward to get new members for a nice community!

If you want to become a contributor ask one of the admins.

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Zheltorossiya [Red Flood] by TheGreyPatriot
Alldeutsche Kommune [Red Triumph] by TheGreyPatriot
Stylized Real Flags
Mengjiang United Autonomous Government by TheGreyPatriot

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Confederate 6th Louisiana Regiment by TheGreyPatriot
February 26 Incident [Righteous Army] by TheGreyPatriot
Austria-Hungary by TheGreyPatriot
Real World Maps
Shang Dynasty by Cattette
Xia Dynasty by Cattette
Baltic countries (1939-2019) by Haritasever
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CoA, Emblems, and Roundels
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Alternate History Maps
Alternate USSR Collapse by Pihash
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[RTL] Wars of Dutch Humiliation (1850-1855) by WannabeeCartographie
Sci-Fi Futuristic Maps
After The Revolution by SPARTAN-127
The Closing of the Golden Gate by Mobiyuz
Turkey 2039: Neocolonialism and New Alliances by JonasGraf
Geopolitical Map of Luna, January 2051 by Charles-Porter
Fantasy Maps
Waypoint by Sapiento
Post-Apocalyptic Florence by Sapiento
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The Ward of Towers View in Sunrise Bay by AnnaWoudstraPardoen
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Kronstadt Republic by BrushHikka
The Ward of Eastside in Sunrise Bay by AnnaWoudstraPardoen
Tutorials and Templates
Terran Empire Logo in .PSD Layers by 1Wyrmshadow1
Universal Century Future Compass: Gundam by mdc01957
Dishonored World Map by YsatNafon
Trees by DarthAsparagus
Federation of Carpatoslavia by zalezsky
Insular Empire of the Pacific Diplomatic Passport by Manalinger
Stories and Texts
TL31 - Hokkaido, Part X27 January 1948Hakodate, HokkaidoGeneral Anders had been focused intently at his typing, so much so that he hadn’t properly noticed the man that had entered the room. As such, when he finally looked up he had to actively work to avoid looking like he’d been startled. “Ah, General Chiang. Welcome, welcome. Can I get you some coffee? Lemme tell you, it’s a real ball-ache to find proper coffee in Japan. Not that there’s anything wrong with tea, but if I had to live my life without coffee as people do in Asia, I’d go for a walk off a dock in my finest cement shoes.”General Chiang Ching-kuo looked like he had swallowed a rock that had been sitting in the sun all day, and it was actively scalding his insides. “General Anders, there’s a matter that I wanted to discuss with your occupation.”“If it’s about your occupation I’m sure you could wait until the next meeting for us to discuss exactly how much I think you’re fucking everything up in Kyushu. Or if you have a spare half-hour, I could do exactly that right now.”“General, please.” Chiang held up his hand. “Things in China are...deteriorating. We had hoped that the end of the Soviet Union might see our fortunes against the communists improve, but...they’ve just consolidated and are gaining strength rapidly. They have especially strengthened their position in Manchuria, and I worry that they are preparing an offensive against Beijing. If they did...”“Nonsense, General. The Communists on the mainland are a bunch of rabble who could barely survive that Long March of theirs. If worse comes to worse then I’m certain the Republic of Korea could throw some soldiers your way, help keep their mutual frontier safe from the commie bastards.”“You say that with such confidence.”“The Soviet Union lost a war they started, now look where Russia is. I’m confident that the Kuomintang can manage to push them back.”“That’s not the point. The point is that the President-”“Your father.”Chiang grimaced. “The President has required that forces be withdrawn from Kyushu to help bolster our efforts on the mainland. He’s asked that I discuss with all the heads of the occupation the potential scenario of our total withdrawal of forces becoming necessary.”“Relax. Britain and France are falling apart but with California putting a few soldiers that way I’m sure we could take up the slack in Kyushu.”“Your confidence baffles me, General.”“Decisiveness requires confidence. Can’t double-think every single choice you make.” He smirked. “And who knows. Maybe if you have to leave Kyushu we can actually get around to helping out down there.”,19 October 1948Asahikawa, HokkaidoThe reconstructed D51 31 was steaming down the line without a single mechanical issue as General Anders got ready to step off the train. Japanese engineering and mechanical expertise was second to none, and the newly-designed steel-bodied coaches were a much smoother and far more comfortable ride.He had been thinking over the coaches so thoroughly that he barely noticed the dour man standing immediately in front of him as he stepped off onto the platform. “Hello, General.”“Holy shit! Kaneshichi, if you’re going to pop out of nowhere like that then at least have the decency to cough or say something first!”Kaneshichi Masuda looked just as grim and morose as he always did. “I was hoping to ask for a moment of your time.”“Of course. Come, let’s walk and talk.” He walked off the platform and towards his motorcade.“General, the Diet is on the verge of electing a new Prime Minister. By all accounts, Shigeru Yoshida of Kochi is the most likely candidate. And as such, he has already begun selecting men for his cabinet.”“Ah yes, Yoshida seems like a man with something on his shoulders and between his legs. What’s the issue?”“For one thing, he’s suggested that I might be appointed his Defense Minister. Supposedly at your own suggestion.”“What’s wrong with a job offer?”“General, I told you that I wanted to retire to being a private citizen after all was said and done. Now that the government under Governor Toshibumi is doing its job well I wanted to step away from politics.”“Mr. Kaneshichi, do you know what one of the biggest political forces in Japan prior to the war was?”“The militarists, I know. Every day I had some new threat against me from them, some written in polite letters, some less so. I kid you not, one was written in blood. I can only hope it was the man’s own blood.”“And you think that they’ve gone away just because the new constitution says Japan can’t have an army? I need people like you in the government pushing back on them, people who can keep the world sane. If it makes you feel any better I’ve already discussed it with Generals Montgomery and de Tassigny, and they both agree you’d be a shitty Prime Minister.”Kaneshichi somehow looked even more grim. “If that’s meant to make me feel better it’s only worked marginally well at it. What experience do I have to warrant being a defense minister? I spent the whole war as Director of the Hokkaido Agency, I had nothing to do with the Military.”“Exactly.” He jabbed at him with his forefinger for emphasis. “You’ve got nothing to do with the sons of bitches that are trying to push for rearmament, as if they’re ever gonna accomplish that. You aren’t in their circles, and that means you can actually do the job of keeping Japan on the path to being a pacifistic, neutral nation.”“The worst part is that I know you’re right when you say that.”“Nah, don’t sweat it. I feel pretty damn bad about being right too.” They had been standing by the motorcade for some time now, and after that last sentence Anders jumped into the atuv. “I need men on the inside, Kaneshichi. ‘No man rules alone’, and all that.” He waved the motorcade on, leaving Kaneshichi to make his way back to his own car while he tried to think of the most polite way of accepting while still expressing disinterest in the position.,4 November 1948Otoineppu, HokkaidoOtoineppu was tiny, but in its own right it had become a cultural center of the Ainu in Hokkaido. One of the larger Ainu villages among the scant number on the island, Otoineppu had brought a number of Japanese and Californian sightseers, interested in the lives of those who had lived here long before the Japanese ever had curiosity’s sake if not genuine interest.One such private had stopped in front of a woman weaving quietly, working up a design as she wove on a traditional loom by hand. The most of the cloth was blue, but with white and red designs as well. The white formed an almost horseshoe-like shape with a point at the U and its ends curled up, while the red was something he thought of as an arrow, or maybe a shooting star.The woman watched him as she continued weaving, eventually finishing it and holding it up to a young man sitting nearby. “Pirka?”He smiled and nodded. “E, pirka.”Finally, the soldier’s curiosity took him. “Excuse me, ma’am. What are you making?”The young man, who looked like he wasn’t far from adulthood, spoke for her. “She can’t speak English.”He turned to him. “Alright, then you can tell me, Mr...”“Sunazawa Bikki.”“Alright then, Mr. Sunazawa. What is it your mother is making?”“She’s making a flag. I saw it in a dream last night. In my dream, I saw Shakushain. He had defeated the Yamato, and had summited Kamuy-mintara to plant a flag on its highest peak. This was that flag that I saw, a flag of the Ainu.”He nodded. “Well, it’s a very pretty flag. I think that if the Ainu were an independent country, it would be very good to have it as their national flag. Don’t think that’ll happen, but...well, flags are always good to have no matter what.”
2020 Polish presidential election by Sevgart
Europe in Details - AD 1915 - May - 2 by Cyowari
Yellow Empire Flag by BeignetBison

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