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Hello again. I have submitted a design to the flags folder. as I have mentioned before, I have had issues with you just ignoring my submissions, if you want to reject it then fine, but please just give me a reason. here is the flag I want to submit to your gallery:
  Australian flag redesign. by Augustwolf22

if you just ignore me again this time I am seriously considering leaving this group, please get back to me as soon as you can, even if it is to just reject this application...
hello, I have recently sent in a submission, I am telling you this here as have tried to submit flags to this group before but have never gotten a response. my submission can be found below this comment.
Free territory of Aotearoa by Augustwolf22
Can anyone recommend a good alternate history flag maker? Or do you make flags and take commissions? I am looking to commission a flag for an upcoming video I am working on and I am looking for an artist. Message me directly if interested or have recommendations of people I can ask.
Just need to ask. I have attempted to post some of my flags up to five times. They never seem to be accepted, nor have I been given a reason why they seem to be no allowed. I would just like to know if this is a problem I'm just facing or if others have had this problem. If it is just me I will leave the group if it seems I'm not wanted 

I have this problem too. they never give a reason. :(

That's why I left the group. They wanna ignore me, screw them