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One Last Time

By mappeli
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lets put ligts on, space magic Wohoo
my FavLoveCouple.. Luna and Thane (bioware)
[link] <- that was the song what i listened when i draw this. MUST LISTEN!
I wanted to draw that last time they were together.. so that's why that tear in Shepards eye
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Utterly mesmerizing and sooo beautiful! :-)

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was just looking for shephard x thane pics and then i found out u drew a lot <3 thank u for drawing those. they all look amazing
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I love you..Really Sad
And by you I mean the wonderful person that made this wonderful peice...
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You made me cry :') So beautiful! It deserves more appreciation,can we share it on our facebook page?
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sure u can! ^^
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This was inspiring!
I wrote you a very short story for it!
Hope you enjoy it!
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wow that was.. oh thaks :D :hug:
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Oh cooool Thanks to adding my works ^^
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This was so beautiful and moving that I wrote a fanfic depicting this type of scene between them. Amazing work. You have so much talent :)
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a really reallly damn beuatiful piece. love it!!!
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you watered my eyes!!! and i am at work!!... damn.... so beautiful thanks
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Darn it.... now I want to cry!

Must... keep... the tough act. *sniffles*
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I saw this and cried. Beautiful. ;~;
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there there :petting: (success)
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Very successful, indeed. Absolutely mesmerizing. <3
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That is spectacular! :la:
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Beautiful art :love:
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This is just beautiful. So sweet and loving yet sad and heartbreaking.

Have you considered contributing it to the Thane Fanbook? [link]
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thank you^^ I did it ^^
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