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Last Orders, Part 18

Cow was leading Dray away from the Cantina’s infirmary with the dead Laski in hand. Mapp was all set to follow, but P90 kept him in place with a concrete grip. “We need to talk.” “Do we?” asked Mapp. “You slept with Susie.” Mapp rolled his eyes. “And you turned me human, wiped my memory, wasted two of my regenerations, and made me miss the wedding of one of my besties,” he said, and then stopped himself. “It’s Susie, by the way. Not you. Just in case you were wondering.” “Mapp,” P90 called after him. “You need to make this right.” “I was only


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Hordes of Doggerland Part 11

Doggerland was on him like an avalanche, and it was raining hard. King showered himself in the tame energy of these people as they cried and roared their positive appraisal. It was not entirely unlike when the League of Iron was first established. They too promised an era of unremitting submission. Over the years however King had learned that there was a vast difference between that and oppression. He would not oppress, not matter how much the Countess burned a hot poker into his back. If there was one thing he could give to these people, for they were people and not monsters, then it was a stray hair of hope. “Everyone in this room has


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Tales of the Laski 1

The GateWorld Cantina Chronicles: Tales of the Laski, Episode 1: Rise of the Krybots The Entah were landing. The snow caps of Midna glistened eagerly, ravenous for all of the sudden attention. It had been so long since anything alive had come to this desolate silver world that the weather was perfect, clear and welcoming. The pencil-shaped ships scooped down, cutting through the sharp air like giant knives, slicing the frozen terrain for a soft spot to slide in and land. Beneath their shadows, on the face of an old lake of solid ice, lay the scattered metal cells of their new excavation colony; the Zodiatek Core (named after its chief a

1. Rise of the Krybots

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Night Shift Part 1

The GateWorld Cantina Chronicles: Tales of the Laski, Episode 2: Night Shift The spiral city of Mithras, home to the royal Entah circle, glistened like a newly-formed sword in a shower of cold moonlight. The valleys huddled around it, beneath it, almost hungry for the cold, their furry mountaintops waving and waving in the sporadic breeze. Mithras was a special place. It was protected, and reserved. Only if you were a member of the circle, so a blood relation, or had been personally summoned up by one, were you permitted to enter the city. It was the only place of Entaria where a person could find themselves at peace. Not even in the plane

2. Night Shift

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Bastille Day Part 1

Frigg flinched, shocked by the sight, shaken by the sound. It was the fifth test that evening yet it still got him every time they powered up the machine. The scream of it, that piercing screech and squeal of this real alien creature had once again silenced him and his colleague as they gazed down through the glass and studied. His colleague, a younger Entah scientist called Iris, covered her mouth in trepid amazement as the boom of the alien crashed out through the speaker's way up in their observation chamber, making the plastic tables and chairs tremble and move. Tens of seconds passed until Iris finally summoned the guts to step forwar

3. Bastille Day

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Hordes of Doggerland (cover)

4. Hordes of Doggerland

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Last Orders, Part 7

Beneath to the burning surface of a flooded world, a woman in a full-body wetsuit was fighting her way up through the fierce currents. The water was colder than she had imagined but the dive had been shorter than she had first feared, and as she pushed against the gushing currents and propelled her entire body upwards, flailing her legs beneath her in unison, the woman remembered what she had witnessed when she had first made it to the bottom. I t was a thought which stimulated her to flail faster. Following a trail of debris, much of which was still slowly raining down, the ghostly wreck of the Cantina had emerged from the deep like the sha

5. Last Orders

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Soul Reaver HD

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