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moar art, luna this time :3

paint tool sai 
about an evening

on equestria daily:…
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Of all of your gallery this is probably your best shot, yet you fail to execute it proberly.
Your idea might have been simple but solid. maybe it was a bit too simple - Luna in the nightsky is not exactly a surprise though I have to say that something on this touches me. What is Luna looking at? Is it the moon or is it "earth" and why does she look so sad? We all know what she regrets but seeing her in space give it a new angle. Maybe she looks at the planet she nearly got destroyed, maybe she looks at the prison she was released from or maybe she's looking back at the place she started from only to escape into space and to never return again because her doubts weight too heavy on her.
I really like what you did with the colours. It's melodram and only a little cheerful. The glowing inverted lineart makes the scene surreal, the white eyes look mysterious - the glowing around her, the white and cyan fumes are not only unnatural for Luna's design - I seriously never saw her mane glowing like this before - but also make her mane look really spacy and weighted. The mood it radiants is catching and loveable.
Though this picture is far from clean, the amout of mood it has the same it lacks in quality. The space isn't that dark and deep as one would expect, the stars might be pretty coloured but the randomness of their positions look more like a poor grid - like you went from one side to the other while dropping your stars on the canvas. Not like the stars on Luna that may have a more random and natural order but then again don't add up to the amout and area of stars the background had required.
I can oversee the rough, sketchy lineart quality as liking it or not is really just a matter of opinion but the worst part of the picture is its size! It's so small it fits in my hand. 500px is crap, even for a short speedart or sketch.
All in all this could have been a lot better - it shows potential, especially in the emotinal part but in the end it just is too sketchy and way too small to be a remarkable piece.