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Why I Love Fall
why I love fall
All the leaves dropping to the ground have their own story. They might be very similar, but touch one with one finger only and its story becomes unique.
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Mandatory Canine Character Meme by Maplestrip Mandatory Canine Character Meme :iconmaplestrip:Maplestrip 1 10
Ground Terra Chapter 5
Ground Terra
Chapter 5:  In the Raccoon's Den
Guards. Three of them. Right in front of our exit: The bathroom. They obviously heard us coming and are ready to shoot at us with their pistols. Mae places the jugs on the floor and I take her example. The three of us put our hands up in the air, but Alice doesn't move. She looks at the guards, as expressionless as always.
"Now look what you've done," Mae says, I assume to Rocky, "You're all ready to defend yourselves right?"
I have no idea what she could be planning, but I get ready to dive away in case we get shot at. The guards are asking Alice to put her hands in the air, but she doesn't reply.
Suddenly things go fast. Mae throws two stars out of nothing, out of her robe, without moving her hands. Rocky grabs his gun as this happens and fires at the third guard. I have no idea what could be going on, so I dive away. The guards fire back, but don't have much chance to aim. Rocky managed to grab his
:iconmaplestrip:Maplestrip 0 2
Ground Terra Chapter 4
Ground Terra
Chapter 4:  The Underling and the Prisoner
Two blows later there is a big hole in the ceiling. Gravel and little tiles fall down on me, while Mae did a step back. Mae takes a look through the hole to see if there's anybody up there, but it seems like there's not, as she now grabs the jugs and lifts them through the hole. She then lifts herself up through it and asks me to follow her. "Follow my lead, John" Mae says and I lift myself through the hole as well.
We are in a public bathroom. Each of us take two jugs and Mae asks me to open the door. There's nobody in the hall on the other side and we start walking, keeping our ears open for guards. We don't see or hear anyone. It's a big building and after a short while we reach the door Mae was looking for. "This leads to the basement. I have no idea how big it is, but I think the King keeps his resourses down there."
We take the ladder down one jug at the time, which is hard enough as it is.
:iconmaplestrip:Maplestrip 0 13
Ground Terra Chapter 3
Ground Terra
Chapter 3: Mae's Plan
I finished listening to her story. She has a beautiful voice, making the story even more interesting. I can't believe I didn't know all this, but then again, I still don't know my own name either. Not knowing your own name really feels terrible. Not having an identity is like not existing. I feel empty inside.
Mae's house isn't small. It's a regular separate house like all the others in the street. It's just as old and badly maintained on the outside, but looks better on the inside. The walls are still old, but the furniture is clean and well set up. The other house you were in earlier had furniture lying everywhere, it was a complete mess, but in Mae's house things are neatly placed in every room. Every room being the living room/kitchen and two bedrooms, one of them being a guest bedroom that according to Mae never gets used.
Mae grabs a bottle of water out of one of the kitchen cupboards and hands it to me. "Don't
:iconmaplestrip:Maplestrip 0 4
Ground Terra Chapter 2
Ground Terra
Chapter 2: The Lost World
"Fifty years ago, in the better world, a war started. The countries known as Rusea and Yu-esaia started shooting giant rockets at eachother that completely blew away both countries. Other nations joined in and soon 99% of human population was wiped out and the majority of Earth's land became uninhabitable.
"Forty years after the war began it stopped, not because one side won, but because there wasn't anyone left to fight or any weapons left to fight with. To our knowledge, the only place where there is still life is on ground terra. This area, formerly known as Yu-rop has survivors, but 75% of them are mutated to some extend though to radiation. Some people were born lacking limbs, others gained extra limbs, others had psychic powers and yet others were crazy. People usually don't get older than forty years. These are rough times, but at least we're still alive.
"There's only very little civilization left. Cities
:iconmaplestrip:Maplestrip 0 4
Ground Terra Chapter 1
Ground Terra
Chaper 1: The Man That Lost His Memory
I open my eyes to see nothing but sand. I try to move, but my joints aren't working along. My entire body hurts, but not as much as my head does. I try to remember what happened, but I can't. It's as if this fog is in my head, making me unable to remember anything.  I manage to get up and look around me. My neck hurts as it moves. Around me is nothing but desert, a wasteland of dust and ground. It doesn't exactly look sad, it's actually quite bright. When look up I see a few cumulus clouds, and of course the bright sun. I have no idea how I knew the term for those clouds. I try to remember, but with no result.
I look down at my body, without even recognizing it. I guess it's normal for someone to just take your body for granted, but it is weird not to be able to recognize it. It looks like I'm a rather masculine guy, something that I both did and didn't knew. I'm wearing some old simple clothes, a shi
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The background looks amazing. Not perfect, but really good. It looks realistic (at least more realistic than the characters), but the l...



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The hard rockin' crazy zombie is on dA! Trying to make some art, but mostly just talk about art. Hello there :)
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(I was looking through my music list for a title to put the word "tag" in)

So :iconspeedydvv: tagged me. Here's the important copy-pasting stuff:


1. Each person has to share 5 things about themselves.

2. Please answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

3. Choose up to 10 people and put their icons on your journal - not something like "you are tagged if you read this", you have to tag legitimately 10 people.

4. No tag backs, Please!

Five things:

1. I always hate these "five things" tags - they are lazy on the side of the person who makes up the tag, while the person who receives the tag has to think up all kinds of things. Meanwhile, all I can think of is Homer Simpson thinking of a monkey. *sigh*

2. I've been active on Wikipedia for the past few months. It's fun. Difficult and a lot of work, but rewarding when you manage to greatly improve an article and cite good sources :3

3. I watched Boku no Pico recently. Didn't expect it to be completely hentai >.> It's probably not even that bad, for hentai standards, so I'm not sure why people love pointing at it so much, but ah well. It was very, very bad :p Pretty traumatizing, but still more entertaining than Rosario + Vampire. The theme song is surprisingly catching. I'm going to regret posting this...

4. I've recently completed Shovel Knight. Only have a few feats to achieve, each of which incredibly tough (beat the game without dying once? Urgh...) - but I'm working on it!

5. This ended up being easier than I thought. I recently completely re-read Brawl in the Family. Was fun :3 Lots of videos, amazing stuff.


1. What do you think of sprite editing? :D (Big Grin)
Eh, it's fun. Not much to say about it. Sprites are the best art that I can make, and I learned the craft by editing game sprites, so obviously I find it completely illegal and immoral. Obviously. Eh, it's fun.

2. How big is your Steam library? (Alternatively, overall console/handheld/PC game library, if you don't have Steam.)
Let's check: 60 - WHERE IN THE WORLD DID ALL THESE GAMES COME FROM!? I've bought less than ten of those myself. Gifts and giveaways are nice :p

3. How many characters do you have, when it comes to writing, drawing or just RPing?
I don't keep track of any original characters I have come up with or used in the past, and though there are a few returning names, most characters were one-shots that I discarded after the story or roleplay died out. That being said, there's is my official original character that hasn't got a name or anything and is really just an avatar for me that I'm not using as an avatar, there are the Homebound characters I created for a Homestuck roleplay, the main character being Rick Smalle, a kid with a temper that loves stuff like Call of Duty and other "popular" stuff. There's Roger Z. Red of some roleplay I was once in: a sniper with an supernatural high accuracy, who happens to live in a time of war. There are two longer stories I have written (Balance and Ground Terra, if I am not mistaken) with their own characters. There are oddballs I happened to have remembered, like Mr. Suckerpunch and that Swedish girl I once made up but never got to use... That's basically it, though.

4. Which Smash Bros do you prefer, 3DS or Wii U.. or the original or Melee or Brawl?
As a filthy casual, I'd have to go with Brawl. The story mode was absolutely amazing, and the lack of one really makes for 3DS much less good to me. All of the usually criticized aspects, such as the tripping, I do not care about much. The items were simply better in Brawl than in the two new titles - they were less chaotic. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when picking a favorite, though, and I have barely been able to play for Wii U thus far, so you can take my decision with a grain of salt. Either way, all Smash Bros. titles are amazing :3

5. If you could be any character from a once released on a Nintendo console game for a day, without any negative repercussions like you accidentally dying.. who.. or WHAT.. would it be?
Someone like Kirby seems the obvious choice, but no thank you, too boring. Link? Eh, not very interesting. Mario? Well, the Mushroom Kingdom is awesome and I would love to write a Yoshi, but I have no idea what I'd be doing. Ness then? Being able to use PSI seems pretty cool, and being a confident boy in a grown up world, looking through the perspective of said boy, it's a really awesome game, but not a perfect experience.. Samus? I'd piss my suit walking within the chasms of Zebes >.> Fox McCloud, being able to fly a ship and train a young dinosaur is pretty cool, but eh. Perhaps I-block - everyone will love me. Oh, dangit, I already know, this was so easy. But it's so sad that it would only be for one day...
A Pokémon trainer.
Wait, wait, wait, Ditto. I pick Ditto. Definitely ditto.

6. You find yourself stuck in a room you cannot escape with THAT ONE SONG playing on infinite repeat that drives you absolutely crazy.. which song?
You only need to play it once to drive me crazy, though. No need to be so elaborate if you just want me to commit suicide ;) Let's see if I can remember the title - I've managed to expel the song from my memory...
I forgot the title and band. Both "yay" and "too bad" at the same time

7. Skype. We all know and hate it. If there's one thing you can change about it, what would it be?
If you click "X", Skype logs out and closes. THAT SIMPLE.

8. If you could punch literally anyone without repercussion, and I mean like whether they're really existing, fictional, having existed once.. literally ANYONE. Who?
The villain of the second half of the Accel World anime.

9. Say you could steal someone's ability for a day.. whose and which ability would it be? And this time, like, real living people only, sorry. :P (Lick)
The ability of being super cool from Matt LeBlanc. On a more serious note, though, something Rain Man-like would be awesome. Perhaps the ability to know how to play a song right as you hear it that some people have. Question, though: will I be able to play the song still after that day is over? And would that person be unable t use their "ability" for that day? And wouldn't it make more sense to say "The ability to play that song"?
Huh, now I just want to be able to sing incredibly well. Haven't decided yet on who's voice to steal, though.

10. You're working on a game starring your main character (or alternatively, YOU!).. what genre is the game in, and why?
I'd prefer it to be a platformer, but a third-person action RPG would probably make most sense. Slice everything up with a flaming sword. Hmm, you'd probably be slicing up hordes of zombies in a Warriors game.

And now for the tagging step: Let's see who I know that happen to be active.
:iconjakkuor::iconlichotka::iconayeaye12::iconemorock114::icontreaste::iconinkytophat::iconvoidlands::iconsachi813::iconmisosoup247: and :iconmugiabest: if you happen to be active on dA.

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask ten questions. Urgh...

1. What is your third favorite video game console?

2. What is your least favorite movie?

3. Do you watch things that aren't in your language subbed or dubbed over?

4. Do you ever listen to the radio? (You know, that old machin-y thing?) What do you listen to then?

5. What piece of media really reflects what you find important in life?

6. Do you have any t-shirts that reflect what you enjoy?

7. What operating system do you have on your computer?

8. Do you pirate things?

9. Have you ever been surprised by Wikipedia?

10. Have you watched The Legend of Korra?

  • Listening to: Kraid's Lair
  • Reading: Game Design: Theory and Practice - Marry Me(comic)
  • Watching: Log Horizon, season 2
  • Playing: Shovel Knight
  • Eating: More pure chocolate


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i hope you still pop in around here every now and then, kinda miss your comments ; v ;
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I keep trying to push him to check dA but he refuses to ;u;
princesshokuto Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
waahhh have you spoken to him recently ?? how is he??? D:
SpeedyDVV Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
He's doing fine, he's just no longer checking dA unless I specifically link him things.

Like your comments. I managed to get him to finally check his dang profile and answer you. >_>;

I ah.. I know Maple IRL, so I talk to him fairly often, to be honest..
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Maplestrip Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016
I'm sorry, Shokuto - I did kinda leave dA. Haven't even been on the website for about a year now. Sorry about just leaving without telling anyone :s
I know Speedy in real-life, and because he's still active on dA, he keeps asking for me to come back here, but I mostly just stopped caring much about looking at people's art, while at the same time, my inbox has been getting overly full.

I'm still active on some other places. You can find me on Skype if you want, and though I don't usually reply to Steam messages, you can find me there too. There's also my Tumblr. All are under Maplestrip, so they shouldn't be hard to find.

Again, I'm really sorry for making you worry :c
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princesshokuto Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
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ahhh dude where have you been? you haven't left DA yet have you? ;^;
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Yaaay~ xD you're still here, how ya been Maple, what bro? :D
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Found you!
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  Happy Birthday! :D
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