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Maple Reference 2017

By MapleSpyder
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Here's a new reference for Maple! I changed a lot of details and colors on her. Overall, I'm satisfied with the result xux

I tried to keep it simple, so I didn't including specifics about fire abilities. I feel like it's more open ended this way. 

Sheee by MapleSpyder

Here's her older sheets over the past two years:
Maple Reference - Summer 2016 by MapleSpyderMaple Reference - 2016 by MapleSpyder
Maple Official Reference by MapleSpyderMaplespider - Reference by MapleSpyder

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JinxTheFloofyCat's avatar

Wow such beautiful artwork! I wish I could draw like that -_-

FieryGeheena's avatar
Pandorose's avatar
hands down my favorite character forever
Pookbear's avatar
Did you know female spotted hyenas have pseduo-penises :D
Lulukittie's avatar
Ooh neat I'd love to do an art trade with this
TheMeekWarrior's avatar
Gahhh her markings are so pretty. ;A; I love the bright greens and blues and how they contrast with her warm earthy coat, and feathers are always nice. :'3
MistiPooh's avatar
gay for caracal XD
ZuperWilmzz's avatar
Sparron's avatar
These days Maple kinda looks like a pirate... with her wicked grin and braids. I think the new look you're going for is cool!
MoonlightsFoxes's avatar
If she likes cacti..

If I give her a cacti that looks like Finch, would she hug it?
Pvrsona's avatar
Gonna draw this bb omg
LOVEDakota's avatar
she got fluffier
Hannah712's avatar
My OC is named Maple.. Goddammit
Romahell's avatar
phlebophile's avatar
Illuminati confirmed. 
cocoatwist's avatar
Finch's face XD
Dafox2024aj's avatar
I like your soul on fire meme.. how I wish I could do it.. happy cry XD 
BluuLeopard's avatar
You see, I don't understand why hyenas are so hated by people, sure they kill lion cubs for food. But, don't lions do to? They do the exact same thing to hyena clans. That's just how the food chain works. Yet, people still think that hyenas are such evil serial killers, that have no heart, soul, or love.

I mean, look at this character! It's so adorable, and graceful, I love it. I think all hyena-haters should just browse up on Wikipedia, and actually do some research on hyenas, in stead of agreeing with other people who hardly know a thing about them.

Another situation, which I can understand, if you dislike an animal, even a hyena, simply for its looks. That's understandable, because that's just a person's taste. Like, some people might not like pigs for their looks, some bears, etc. and that's fine. However, hating a creature because it's hunting younger animals for food, it's not a very good reason. Really, it isn't. Predators do this to survive, not for fun.

Anyway, I love your character a lot MapleSpyder , it has a lot of behaviour and character in itself that shows off in this reference. She's beautiful. <3
Finchys's avatar
Am i the only person that wonders how she'll look as a cat in this design
SpiritG1rl's avatar
I think this one is the best so far, nice job :iconmaplespyder:
Darzaga's avatar
Woahs! You're gonna be another one of my inspirations! :D
Darzaga's avatar
I love this kind of art :3
GlisteningSpark's avatar
Is it bad I look at Maple's oc for inspiration since shes so original and good?
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