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dat scawy but cute OvO
TaniksCat's avatar
Ahhh! This is so good :000
KittenAreCute123's avatar
me too art station!
ArtStation312's avatar
I love your art!
It always inspires me to keep trying and not give up after a sketch as a sketch can turn into something beautiful
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dawnclaw1232's avatar
someones triggered
BaileyisDarcy's avatar
I was just about to favourite this when I realised... I already have... I'm sad now that i can't favourite this twice :(
Huntedpotato's avatar
I LAVA this art!

I can't think of any good fire puns.
Houndoom125's avatar
Wow, you really burned down the fourth wall with this.
Now this conversation is going to go up in flames because of this.

meh i'm only good at egg puns,
because those yolks crack everyone up 
Huntedpotato's avatar
On point puns though. It's PUNbelievable that I'm bad at this though.
Houndoom125's avatar
It was pretty punny even if you said you're horrible. Saying horrible is a little bit of an EGGaggeration 
Huntedpotato's avatar
Eh, true. You know I don't want to FRY my brain.
Houndoom125's avatar
hehe seems you're SUNNY SIDE UP no with them though
Huntedpotato's avatar
Nice. These puns just aren't BOILED. ^0^
Houndoom125's avatar
Nope! We've already CRACKED the SHELL of them. Why stop here? ^-^!!
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Maple- Time to finish the job.

Love how you drew Maple with the flames and the color palette you used!
Eeveerogue's avatar
the roof
the roof
the roof is on fire
Eliza HYENAton (get the joke heheheh)
Scourchmark's avatar
I understood that reference 
Rainqu's avatar
I hope that you

TanukiWings's avatar
Burning Hyena of the subfamily Hyaeninae, of the family Hyaenidae, of the order Carnivora, of the class Mammalia, of the phylum Chordata, and of the kingdom Animalia.
Honestly, I just looked off Wikipedia for all of that.
Btw, this is really good. Keep it up.When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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mellowdreamsofclouds's avatar
Fire burns me
I HAVE FIYAH RESISTACE BABBY!!!!!!111!!1!!!111!11!
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