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The Ultimate PSP Pen Tool Tut



The Ultimate Paint Shop Pro Pen Tool (Vectoring) Tutorial

Rejoice (or be utterly confused XD) Paint Shop Pro users, I have created the Ultimate Pen Tool Tutorial! *cricket chirps*

Anyway, I'm not sure how many people here actually use Jasc Paint Shop Pro, but I think it's pretty good for vectoring (Illustrator confuses me :D). People have asked me how to vector, and I felt that my previous vectoring tutorials were a bit... vague on the actual basics of using the pen tool, not to mention that I've discovered new techniques and shortcuts since my previous tutorials.

So this tutorial goes over the very basics of using the pen tool, and how to create vectors in general, in quite a bit of detail.

The version I use is PSP8, but I think other versions will have similar functions and options. Some parts of the tutorial are very program-specific, while others are more general (but still kinda program-specific)

The zip file (use the download button) is divided up to 3 main sections (excluding the introduction) in 3 big JPG files. It's sort of ordered, but depending on your experience, you can skip some parts. The introduction (intro.jpg) gives an overview of what each section is about, as well as what a vector is (based on deviantART's definition.


In case you're wondering, the 3 sections are:

[Vector Tools and Options]
Exploring and explaining the tools you need to vector, and when to use them.

[Nodes, Paths, and Editing]
More general look at parts of a vector, but also has program-specific explainations on editing options.

Various shortcuts I've developed to make vectoring faster and easier. And also a note on converting to JPEG/PNG. Very program-specific.


Other tutorials on how I order the layers for anime vectors (ignore the actual pen-tool related parts, they're old and inefficient.. unless you prefer to do it that way >.< ):


If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask! And happy vectoring!
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Thanks MapleRose!! Much appreciated!