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G00: The Space Pirate

By MapleRose
This is the result of me procrastinating all weekend ^^;

So yes, it's Lockon Stratos from Gundam 00. With that eyepatch, I was itching to make him into a pirate, yaarrrr!! And space pirate because space pirates are cool XD

His clothes are based off the outfit worn by Captain Harlock, because I thought of him when I think of "space pirate", and because capes are cool :D I changed the logo, even though Haro doesn't look as menacing as a skull XD

Therefore, this is Harlockon Stratos XD

I used a bijillion reference pictures for everything 'cause I can't draw without reference DX ... and much thanks to ~lee-defly for helping me with the anatomy 'cause I suck at it... and look, no feet! XD

The gun thingy he's holding is the gun thingy from the Dynames, I drew it from ep 23 ( ;__; ), dunno if it's entirely accurate (and the perspective looks kinda off... I'll fix it later)

Colouring was fun, 'cause I love colouring, though it was kinda tough to shade black XD

I was gonna do gradient background, but it looked boring, so I did a random nebulous, spacey background ^^

Wacom graphire 4, openCanvas 4.06 (I wanted to export the event file, but it got corrupted and won't let me ;__; ....)

Lockon Stratos & Haro (c) Sunrise
fanart by *MapleRose
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zeroconvoy's avatar
reminds me of the crossbone X
TatariOfTheHamster's avatar
I thought I was the only one who was comparing Lockon and Harlock.
I'm glad I was wrong. ^ ^
MapleRose's avatar
hehe, it's the eyepatch =D
Xadren's avatar
That skull is adorable XD
Kalran's avatar
OMG awsome I could so see Lockon as a space pirate
MapleRose's avatar
yeah, he'd be awesome :D
DeZia's avatar
HARLOCKOOOOON D8 This wins so incredibly hard, ESPECIALLY the freaking HAROLOCK. WAT.

You won my day twice ;3;
MapleRose's avatar
Haha, thanks :D Haro is awesomeness :D
AngelZeroMatt's avatar
Uguu......... Pirates.......

But he still looks cool. Also, it seems like his right arm's missing a bit with how the scope's being held.
MapleRose's avatar
lol, do you like pirate?

Yeah, I think I'll have to go back and fix it.. at first I couldn't figure out where his hand is supposed to be...
AngelZeroMatt's avatar
Not pirate fan. I am an old school ninja fan, old school meaning the original ninjas and like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Naruto is definitely a dislike.
Balder8472's avatar
Awesome picture the space pirate thing really suits Lockon stratos and haro I wonder what the Dynames and other Gundam 00 characters would look like if it too had a space pirate makeover :D
MapleRose's avatar
Thanks :D

Lol, tbh I haven't really watched that much of Captain Harlock series, so I don't really know how well the other characters would match XD
RedWingnut's avatar
Captain Harlockon Stratos. Now we need some one to make the Ptolemaios up like Harlock's ship.
MapleRose's avatar
LOL, "Harlockon", how come I didn't think of that? XDD

DX ... I hate drawing mecha/mechanical stuff.... But if you can find reference pictures for me, I could make this into a wallpaper with Ptolemaio in the background...
The-Eternal-Cross's avatar
Hmm.... I can provide. Here is a design of Herlock's (I have seen it spelled like this in several places....) ship that I think would work best for your reference.





Sorry, that was all i could find (and if the links dont work.. sorry about that too). But... there are some refference pictures for you. I figure with the large number of scull and crossbone crests... could be changed to Haro and Crossbone crests.

Hmm.. I just realized... Herlock's ship is a dark green color.... and so is the Gundam Dynames! ....Oh wow.
The-Eternal-Cross's avatar
Oh wow. I admit, I thought of something like this awhile back, when I first saw Lockon, I thought instantly "Holy Sh!*.... he's a Space Pirate." And now, I see this artwork of yours, and it only strengthens that thought. I will have to make this my wallpaper for at least a couple of weeks, if not months. Really, that piece of artwork is EPIC!
MapleRose's avatar
Haha, is it the eyepatch? XD

Aww, thanks :D
The-Eternal-Cross's avatar
The eyepatch is part of it, but its also the fact that you drew him in the outfit of one of my favorite anime characters of all time: Captain Herlock (oh... wow, Lockon, Herlock.... not much of a difference in their names....)!!! Its like you can read my mind almost... XD.
MapleRose's avatar
Lol, yeah, Looking at the katakana, Harlock = ハーロック, Haro = ハロ, and Lockon = ロックオン, so then ハロ + ロックオン = ハーロックオン = Harlockon XD
The-Eternal-Cross's avatar
Heh. I see. Well, I do hope that my stock images assist you with a possible sequel to this piece of work.
MapleRose's avatar
thanks for the images. I'll do a full version after I finish exams (in about 2 or 3 weeks) :)
The-Eternal-Cross's avatar
Ahh good. I was hoping I could be of use. It should be a very interesting piece of work, that it should! :greetings:
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