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Windows 7 Wallpaper Pack

By maoractive
A personal appeal:

Hi Viewers!

My little brother is having a birthday soon (WooHoo!) and I would like to buy him a shirt/hoodie from dA's store, but unfortunately, I cannot afford it. I will really appreciate if you can help by giving away some points! And even if you can't, I appreciate your good will!

Thanks again! :heart:

:star: Windows 7 Wallpaper Pack

    This is a PRE-RELEASE wallpaper pack of Windows Seven, coming soon. (The beta, at least...)

    This package contains:

  • 2 Wallpapers, each in different color.


  • Preview File.

(C) 2008 Copyright by ~maoractive. Do not copy or redistribute in any way without my permission.

For questions, requests, opinions or any word to say, contact me at : maorhaz [at] gmail [dot] com
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ahmadjie79's avatar
wow tx somuch bro
money172's avatar
como lo bajo? donde esta link ?¿?¿?que onda
RC-man-Design's avatar
great work maor!
thanks man thats very nice
NOSONY's avatar
Great wallpaper.
rahss06's avatar
tnx..nice share
leodime's avatar
Looks like one of the aurora walls in Vista but blurred and with some wavy color data on top. You could do a few more adjustments to it that would make it look nicer though.
maoractive's avatar
It is meant to be blurred. That's why it's an abstract wallpaper. :) Thanks!
kozak1219's avatar
Wow great set ;)
Ratchet-lombris's avatar
xD i do that sometimes...

Looks good on small and big screen!!!
Ratchet-lombris's avatar
Oh silly me :P it's already released =D
maoractive's avatar
Ratchet-lombris's avatar
sweet fu....
Please PM me when finished & released?
*like the green / purple on in BG
that is just...
maoractive's avatar
pAnAi5's avatar
beautiful pack!
pAnAi5's avatar
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