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Well, actually have put together quite a cast of countries. It's quite a bit of fun piecing it all together, and it's helping to build the timeline backwards as well as forwards.

So at the current moment, these are the powers in play:

The French Empire
The Holy German Empire
The Holy Roman Empire
The Kingdom of Latium
The Grand Republic of the Rhine
The Greater Tsardom of Muscovy
The Crown of Castile

Castile will most likely move down to the secondary major powers row once I've figured out how to do so. As well as once I start delving into Asia, these might change. Otherwise, it's rather fitting as to the subtitle of the mod's name that this was a time of imperial collapse in Europe. It's all just fun right now, and getting to make flags is always great.

20170629111319 1 by Maonsie
Well, bought HOI4 and decided after a few minutes of playing that I want to mod it and so I'm figuring it out as I go along. Would be cool if people could actually interact with my alternative history in a weird way. Also building backwards a but for this as I really should be starting with a Crusader Kings 2 mod if anything. I suppose I should also warn that there are spoilers considering you can plainly see the French Empire, which is a far cry from the fragile dual monarchy of the Angevin kings after Henry II & V.

So I suppose it's a little teaser as I figure out how deep I can take HOI4 modding.

20170626185834 1 by Maonsie
Well, after a brief 3 hour rush at getting it finished, here's the rough map of Essos along with Westeros at the time of Jon Arryn's death:

W300 by Maonsie

And yes, I'm using the HBO-officiated map for Essos to its furthest extent rather than the "official" map of the known world. If that disappoints you, well, you go make your own lol and warning, there will be plenty of my own conjecture beyond this point.
Well, this past week has been fun as I have finally upgraded my main PC with actual, recently released hardware! So, mainly cos of the my own need to write on a fairly regular basis and cos I love all of you guys so much, I want to start writing updates when I have things to share. Anyway, here's what's going on.

The little boost of PC power pushed ahead my Westeros map; however, I've a new, more mundane problem: deciding on a history and whether or not I want to include my own personal fan-fictiony resurgence of House Reyne. Besides that, my work on Essos is still underway, as well as deciding on shapes for Nuoros, which incidentally will be my first attempt at making anything purely original in the world of cartography.

This next bit of info is about my Anglia Universalis series of maps and heraldry. While it's still on hiatus, I have not forgotten about it and do plan to return to it eventually. It's a rather large project, and as such I have a lot to work through and fix before getting it back on-track.

Lastly, I've spent the last few weeks playing through Metro 2033 again and Last Light for the first time (picked up the Redux editions during the Winter sale on Steam), and bloody hell, these are such brilliant games. Playing through the games, the amount of history and world-building is astounding. I can only imagine how much more is present in the massive series of novels.

Anyway, I was looking at a really beautiful map on Reddit of the Moscow Metro as it is in Metro 2033, and the thought came to me to make up my own Underground 2033! (I know, that's a wildly creative name lol) Below is me toying around with the idea, so it's basically in pre-pre-work-in-progress, and I'm not sure how far I want to take it, or if I want to do anything with the idea at all. Realistically, I'll have to research a lot, and add another massive history to write up on top of the other two major projects I'm working on it. I'm really not sure how the Underground would even fare against a nuclear strike, so that's going to mean deciding on some sort of localised apocalyptic event during WW3 in Europe. Bio-weaponry maybe, or non-nuclear anti-matter bombs. I dunno, that's for me to work on (and I know there's a book in the Metro series about Britain, but I just want to try my own thing).

So here's a little update on what's I'm up to. Hope to post more stuff soon! :]

Screenshot (3) by Maonsie

So I'm really, really, really in the mood to make some bloody maps. Problem is that my computer is absolute rubbish and cannot run Inkscape files for anything I'm working on in any timely or stable fashion. That little problem - and I stress little - puts me in a rather bleak position. So I can do one of two things: 

  • Ignore my craving for cartography and focus on making flags and wiki type things until such a time in the near future at which I have a competent and powerful piece of technology made in the last few years that can run Inkscape/Photoshop, or
    • Put Inkscape away for a while and return to the simpler way of making maps in similar to various ones I made quite a while ago that many of you did enjoy

Either way, I want to get back to doing stuff on a more regular basis, and I wanted to write a new journal as well lol

Anyway, cheers, and thanks a bunch to all of you who enjoy the things I make ^.^