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@_@ My friend challenged me to draw Cadence after I told him how much I disliked her colour scheme... haha! Now I only dislike her colour scheme because it's really really hard to work with... I made her significantly less pink, and her mane more akin to Celestia's.

Also, finally had the time to finish this! I was swamped with work as of recent so I didn't really have the time to complete any drawings... This was originally a sketch from another sketch featuring the other 2 princesses and Chrysalis... but I don't think I'll be completing the others anytime soon XD;;

Maybe I should do a corresponding piece for Shining Armor?

Texture for the bg by [link]

Art (C) Me
Character (C) Hasbro
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She looks like a widow...and I like it!

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holy wow this is so beautifuuu
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Give me a saddle and a lead. Ill use this beast to go fight Zeus.
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I have never seen something more magnificent! ;)
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She's incredibly beautiful...
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Dat hading tho, woooow!
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I especially like the shading on her cutie mark.
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Gorgeous color!
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Super awesome, I mean your art really speaks to me I love it!!!
Absolutely Beautiful!!!!!
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All three of your pony princesses are beautiful!
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To me, this picture has a lot of mystery to it.  I think it comes from the combination of her expression, the background, and her posture.  Beautifully done!
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For what it's worth. After all the trouble you went through working with her admittedly rage inducing barf bag of a color scheme. (I say as I'm drawing her right now and am dreading her hair color) You managed to make my favorite piece of MLP art to date. This was in what 2012? And yet still after two years of perusing around tumblr blogs and websites seeing many a fine artwork this still holds the crown as my absolute favorite artwork! Which is odd, because the actual Cadence from the show is most definitely not my favorite character...
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I love it. Cadence is a ruler after all. Mostly she is drawn like still a filly but she a full grown adult mare and also a ruler of a very rich and powerful kingdom.
I like the more mature look of her in this.
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Hot damn! Now THAT is how ponies should be drawn!
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Shining Armor is a very luck stallion. :D
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God, Horses are beautiful creatures!
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